H&R Training Professionals is providing support and high-quality training and development for single fathers, and lone parents, in various stages and turning difficulties into empowerment

Margaret Thorli, is an award-winning business start-up trainer, author, successful “mumpreneur,” speaker, trainer, mentor, business coach and advisor and advocate for new and established entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience providing business support to local communities, private and third sector organizations.
H&R Training Professionals is providing support and high-quality training and development for single fathers, and lone parents, in various stages and turning difficulties into empowerment!

A facilitator, and convenor of life-learning workshops and seminars aimed at lone parents and young people, Thorli provides guidance and advice in self-employment/employment, start-up, and business support.  Thorli, author of A Single Mother and the Dating Game: tips on how to manoeuvre the dating minefield, 8 Tips to a Better Relationship: Ideas on How to Have a Great and Loving Relationship and Elephants in My Stomach: Instead of Butterflies was the first lone parent, in Islington between 1997-2001, to own and run a pub. Needless to say, she is quite the ideal fit to guide others who are seeking to go further in their personal and professional lives as she has established herself as a true industry leader in many categories.

Early on in working as a Business Mentor Coordinator for lone parents, Thorli realized that single fathers especially were not getting nearly enough support. This support was so terribly needed in order to help them overcome the challenges, that they faced every day, with raising children while securing employment. And so, H&R Training Professionals was formed, in June of 2011 by Thorli, to provide the assistance needed. 

H&R Professionals, an award-winning organization, is operated by experts with a wealth of experience in learning and development, business enterprising, employment, mentoring and life coaching. The focus of the organization is geared towards single fathers to provide knowledge and empowerment in making informed decisions about their lifestyles and the relationships they have with their children. 

Programs offered include: Starting Your Business with Zero Financing, One-on-One Business Coaching, Identifying the Right Steps to Succeed in Business, Overcoming Challenges in Business, Conquering Fears in Starting a Business and One-on-One Accountability.

H&R Professionals Mission: To empower, encourage and motivate 20,000 disadvantaged single fathers, lone parents and individuals that are unemployed. To enable them with tools, and drive, in a comfortable environment, so that they may overcome the barriers, and challenges, they face to be able to raise their children successfully and become the best version of themselves in business.


H&R Training Professionals is the trading name for Hope and Restoration formed in August 2008 as a company limited by guarantee with the main aim of empowering disadvantaged young people and adults, lone parents, NEET, black and ethnic minorities, migrants, lower-skilled individuals, low-income individuals and disabled persons. Their mission being to help these individuals rebuild their lives and to train them to develop new skills with the goal of getting them back out to be an active participant in their community.

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