WorkpulsRemote Work, Time and Productivity Software Makes Every Second Accountable

San Francisco, CA – Working from home is literally saving the world from going into a full stop. For employees, it’s a great opportunity to stay safe, relax and do their best, while for employers, there is a new set of challenges: how to track employees working from home? A great improved solution has just been launched by Workpuls, the San Francisco based company, in the form of a remote PC monitoring software.

Workpuls’s remote team management software solves the big riddle facing most companies around the world – how to get the most out of remote employees. The live tracking software lets them track login and logout times, break times, the actual time spent working on projects, and capturing screenshots to check what any remote worker is up to at any given point.

The Workpuls solution is like an extra pair of eyes. Our remote worker tracking software will always keep you informed of every second and minute of what the remote team members are doing, how long they have worked and on what projects,” says Ivan Petrovic of Workpuls.

Workpulskeeps a close track of remote computers to monitor work-from-home employees. For workers too, the remote employee desktop monitoring software offers easy and intuitive ways to know all work and time metrics, and they can take an easy break by just clicking a button.

A great tool to visualize team productivity. I would recommend it to all operational teams working remotely at home,” says a recent client feedback.

Workpuls is also good with managing the entire workplace, with functions like categorizing all websites and apps into productive or unproductive categories by looking at graphical charts and reports. Workpuls is the result of listening to thousands of feedback signals and conversations, with over eight engineers and five customer success specialists working hard to build the next generation of remote tracking software for computers.

Workpuls believes that employee monitoring and time tracking should be sophisticated, with no time wasted for employers. The mantra is: every second counts (and should be counted).

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