MasterSpace Limited Announces the Launching of Pacum Vacuum Storage Bags and Vacuum Sealer

Honk Kong – MasterSpace Limited, a brand that is known for creating and designing top-notch space managing products, is at it again! This time around, the brand announces the launching of new products known as Pacum. Pacum is a vacuum sealer and it is available in 5-pack vacuum bags yet designed in different colors. Through Pacum, MasterSpace Limited is making available vacuum storage bags, vacuum seal storage bags, clothes vacuum sealer bags, traveling vacuum bags, and vacuum bags. 

As Honk Kong, where MasterSpace Limited is located, is a place where storage space management is a virtue that must be acquired by any resident due to limited space, MasterSpace Limited is, therefore, making available various vacuum storage bags, vacuum seal storage bags, clothes vacuum sealer bags, vacuum bags and traveling vacuum bags to anyone who wants quality yet affordable products. However, the brand is not only famous for designing great storage products but also for being a brand that has quality and durability as its watchwords.

Unlike other brands’ products, every product by MasterSpace Limited has been tested and confirmed as reliable vacuum sealers, vacuum bags and top-quality traveling vacuum devices. Also, Pacum is a powerful, multi-functional, handheld vacuum sealer, which can be used anywhere. In addition, Pacum clothes vacuum sealer is easy to operate and can be used to drain airs out of a storage bag. As a product that is lighter and smaller than a smartphone, Pacum is also highly mobile. Hence, it can be used to compress or inflate any bag, storage space or material even while traveling away from home. Following are some of the unique features of Pacum:

  • perfect for storing clothes, blankets or towels
  • keep items in constant condition for a long time
  • mold resistant
  • watertight
  • strong
  • durable
  • great for space management 

By checking out the official website of brand, users stand a good chance to procure vacuum storage products that help them maximize their storage capacity and make their life a lot easier. Vacuum sealer bags, vacuum storage bags and other products from MasterSpace Limited can help compress clothes, food and any other material faster, helping the users to maximize their space and eliminate vacuum that could limit their space and storage capacity! With a mighty punch of up to 65Kpa/9.4Psi, Pacum, the newly launched product by MasterSpace Limited, can compress vacuum bag harder and save 50% more suitcase space in a second. This helps users to save time, energy and, most importantly, space.

Furthermore, every vacuum storage product, be it sealer or bags, clothes vacuum sealer by MasterSpace Limited is adaptable and compatible, making them to be a must-have product for everyone who loves to have their clothes, foods and other materials neatly arranged. Another factor that makes Pacum unique is the fact that it is not only useful for pumping air out of space, bag or container but can also be used to inflate bags and other materials as well.

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