Dana Voiculescu is the Hot New Name Among Rising Instagram Celebrities

Dana Voiculescu is the Hot New Name Among Rising Instagram Celebrities

June 23, 2020 – A young, charming lady seated on a tree swing overlooking the sea, peering at distant hills. That’s a remarkable photograph and reveals the personality and charm of Dana Voiculescu (Instagram: ansdnav), who is currently setting Instagram ablaze with her travel journeys all over the world. She has a rapidly growing fan following of over 15,000 admirers at present. 

A quick browsing of Dana’s Instagram reveals her likes and interests. She enjoys being around water, whether an urban pool in Greece, or charming waterfalls in Bali. Nature brings out the best of Dana, and she is quick to undress and don her favorite red on black bikini and chill out with friends. Capturing her beauty and the surroundings in alluring angles and positions, Dana’s photography stands out from the crowd.

Dana can be seen having a good time on yachts in Mykonos, flying business class to Zanzibar and capturing beach volleyball antics at night, and many more moments of timeless beauty in places like Seychelles, Iceland, Milano, Mauritius, or Doha.

Dana is Romanian, a place that itself is worth a visit, and has set her eyes firmly on becoming a successful online entrepreneur. Dana grew up in a successful family and owns a good house in Romania, and that means she knows a thing or two about what makes for a great business. 

This sense of what works and what doesn’t can be seen all over her Instagram profile, where she posts regular feeds and photographs. In Romania, her home country, Dana has gradually become a public figure with her internet popularity. She also hails from a political family, and this background has served her in establishing herself as a figure of importance.

I am working hard at bringing out my best for everyone to see. It is important to always live life on your own terms, and make the most efforts in shaping your future. That’s what I am doing today,” says Dana.

With Instagram’s success, Dana has only begun her journey to reach among the top in the world of glamor, beauty and fashion. Everyone is welcome to join Dana in her journey, and join her online t stay updated on her latest moves.

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