Golden State Tint is Now Offers High-Quality Residential and Commercial Window Security Film in Las Vegas, Summerlin NV and Henderson, NV

Golden State Tint is Now Offers High-Quality Residential and Commercial Window Security Film in Las Vegas, Summerlin NV and Henderson, NV

Las Vegas, NV – For the past 26 years, Las Vegas residents have had the option of enhancing the security of their homes and businesses by relying on the specialists at Golden State Tint, a leading local company dedicated to providing high-quality window tinting solutions in Las Vegas and more recently expanding its exceptional services to Henderson NV.  Golden State Tint brings the great benefits that the nanotechnology glass protection has to offer to both home and business owners in the different communities of Nevada. 

Their prestigious company is operated by a licensed staff of technical experts who focus on providing their customers in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin and surrounding areas with the certainty of having their homes and businesses protected from vandalism or break-ins, especially now during this uncertain time of the Coronavirus, providing families with the peace of mind of having an extra layer of protection at all times, using the best security films available in the industry. 

Golden State Tint offers an extensive variety of services such as residential solar film, commercial solar film, ballistic resistant film, graffiti film, smart glass film, metal shield film, and specialty/resort tinting film. Their company has invested in modern technology and thorough training that allows them to perform all types of tinting services for both residential and commercial needs and unlike many of their competitors, their window tinting films are always applied inside the window and the application is done carefully to avoid any bubbles or damage to the film. 

“Our residential and commercial window security film offers you multiple benefits including the assurance that no one will be in danger of getting hurt if someone accidentally breaks a window, because our system has been designed to hоld thе ѕhаrdѕ οf shаttered glaѕѕ tоgether, while рrоteсting anyonе thаt іs іn сlоѕе рroxіmity tο thе windоw frоm іnјuries bу flуing glaѕѕ.” Said Bryan Mae, the spokesperson for Golden State Tint, regarding their high-quality products.

About Turf Defender

Although energy-efficient windows are perfect for maintaining a pleasant indoor climate in homes and businesses while reducing energy costs, they can also become a problem for those who, with a lot of investment and hard work, have managed to keep their gardens in tip-top shape. When energy-efficient windows block heat access to the interior of a property, they also cause heat build-up on the outside of the window to eventually be reflected back to the lawn and thus cause damage.  Golden State Tint in Summerlin LV and Henderson NV offers the ideal solution to that problem by providing their customers with Turf Defender window film, a state-of-the-art film that has been engineered to prevent window glare, making it the perfect complement to keeping the interior of the property in a pleasant climate, while the exterior remains pristine.  

Furthermore, residential and commercial window tinting from Golden State Tint can successfully reject 99% of all harmful UV light while protecting curtains, carpets, and furniture that are exposed to direct sunlight. During the summer, tinted windows offer higher value, as they are excellent for saving on energy costs by decreasing the amount of heat entering the house or building. Home wіndоw tіnting саn аlѕο рrevеnt individuals оutѕide frоm ѕeеing thе insіdе оf homes, however, allowing home inhabitants tо ѕеe оutѕіde еаѕіly durіng thе dаy.

“Our window tinting products are of great quality and you can be sure that they will last for a very long time. As a matter of fact, we are proud to offer a lifetime limited warranty and quality workmanship guarantee. We will exhibit our knowledge and skills when we handle your tinting project.” Added the spokesperson for Golden State Tint, regarding their product guarantee. 

Golden State Tint is located at 11822 Tres Bispos Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89138 in Summerlin. For cost-effective Window Tinting Las Vegas, contact their team by calling 702-646-5336 or send an email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their services or to request a free quote, visit their company’s website. 

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