The Sound Foxes Experiment Deliver Instrumentals & Remixes On New Album

The Sound Foxes Experiment Deliver Instrumentals & Remixes On New Album
‘RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Lost and Hidden Gems’ Available Now

When reality starts to settle in, it can be a bit much to deal with. That is when one needs an escape. Music has always been able to lift spirits and guide people away from bad days, and that’s just what The Sound Foxes Experiment is all about. They are a group that finds humor in the world and creates music around it in an experimental way that only they can do. They have a half dozen releases to their name, including 2019s ‘Journeys into the Abstract’

‘RiP Foxes Killa Bees: Lost and Hidden Gems’ follows the release of 2019’s ‘Journey’s into the Abstract.’ Their latest features an array of remixes and instrumentals that are bound to make audiophiles ecstatic including “Dragons Breath,” “Whale Song” and “Boom Bip” The Sound Foxes Experiment are fiercely independent and that shows in their attention to detail throughout the record as they deliver delights from the press of play until the last track comes to a close.

The talented bunch that makes up The Sound Foxes Experiment have all shined creatively apart for years but came together five years ago to make music together. Since then they’ve released five LPs and one EP, 2017’s ‘The Sound Foxes.’ They’re a band all about respecting mother nature, animals, and one another. The band’s motto after all is, “Life is a game and we are ALL playing, let’s play fairly and freely and love just to be at one with all that surrounds us.”

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