How to realize the intelligent LED display in the future

How to realize the intelligent LED display in the future

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The era is a rapidly developing Internet era, and intelligence is an important element that reflects the progress of science and technology. Nowadays, intelligent products such as intelligent transportation and intelligent security appear in all walks of life. Therefore, in order to meet the market demand, the LED display industry will certainly develop towards the intelligent direction, which is also a trend of industry progress.

Because of the traditional mode, each display needs to be manually managed, and it is placed in a harsh environment for a long time, and the failure rate is high. It takes time, manpower and material resources for each repair and maintenance. With the rapid development of technology and economy, the application of LED display screens is more and more extensive. As the number is increasing day by day, it also brings a big problem to managers, that is, how to save time, manpower and cost to manage a large number of Display. So in this context, smart LED display came into being.

So what is an intelligent display, in fact, is the combination of the display and the Internet, so as to achieve cluster-based remote release, remote control and remote monitoring, and these clustered displays are dozens, hundreds, or even Up to thousands of pieces. As long as there is a problem with the display, it will spontaneously report to the police in a timely manner, and then analyze their own status. Some problems can be automatically repaired, etc., which reduces the workload of the engineer to a certain extent.

Nowadays, its intelligent applications include traffic command center, traffic guidance screen, bus electronic stop sign, monitoring equipment and so on.

1. Application in the traffic command center.

As the core of intelligent transportation implementation, the command center as the most terminal product, plays a vital role in real-time monitoring of road conditions, etc., and also provides a basis for post-mortem investigation and evidence collection.

2. Traffic guidance screen is also a major application of intelligent display.

When a traffic accident occurs in a certain section, the traffic guidance screen will display this information and suggest a detour to give the driver certain traffic guidance.

3. The urban bus electronic stop sign is an important embodiment window of the intelligent display.

It uses the bus car GPS global positioning system to receive and release bus operation information through the bus information management center server group and the wireless data transmission network. During the waiting process, people can know the real-time location of the bus to be used in advance through the LED display of the electronic stop sign. It may take several stops and how far it is to reach the station. At the same time, the intelligent electronic stop sign can also play weather information. Service information such as travel reference.

4. There is much to do in the field of monitoring.

LED is widely used in indoor monitoring systems due to its high-definition perfect display, adjustable brightness and small-pitch LED display. The indoor monitor display is part of the closed-circuit monitoring system. With the display of the monitor display, we can view the image sent from the front end. As an indispensable terminal device for video surveillance, the indoor surveillance display acts as the “eye” of the monitoring personnel and plays a key role in the post-mortem investigation.

The intelligent display can not only remotely publish, monitor and control in a cluster, but also interact with people and the display. It has gradually been integrated into our daily lives, and the ads on the display screen have become more stereoscopic and diverse, and have formed better interaction with consumers. Through the interaction between people and display screens and visual enjoyment, our daily consumption is more accurate. At the same time, through the form of human-screen interaction, the advertising information of enterprise businesses will also spread more widely.

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