Dexatel Collaborates with Viber to Deliver Advanced Messaging Solutions to Business Owners

Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps and Dexatel, the innovative cloud communication platform launched a partnership in May to positively transform the user experience of messaging, thus creating a simpler and more accessible messaging solutions for business owners.

With this collaboration, Dexatel’s clients can now send messages with Viber’s highly developed business messaging services. This partnership will make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers and maintain lasting relationships by delivering engaging content through Viber’s advanced messaging solutions. This partnership is also expanding Viber’s customer base since Viber business solution is already becoming accessible to Dexatel’s clients as well.

Gegham Azatyan, the founder of Dexatel states, “Viber is the ultimate solution to make a simple message more intuitive and fun and we are happy to collaborate with one of the world’s leading messaging apps. Not only this collaboration will benefit both Viber and Dexatel into growing and increasing our customer base, but it will also help businesses deliver more engaging content to increase their revenue and better position themselves in the market.” 

All Dexatel clients can now connect with their customers using Viber business messaging instead of the regular SMS service. With Viber’s simple and user-friendly interface, Dexatel clients are eligible to send long messages of up to 1000 characters instead of 160. Businesses can also enrich their messages with multimedia such as images and videos. Moreover, they can also add a call-to-action and branding options such as adding their company’s logo.

Viber is also providing other diverse solutions to businesses, for instance, entrepreneurs can now have access to more analytics, by easily checking the click-through rate of their call-to-action buttons, analyzing their campaign outcomes, and planning perfectly customized promotional strategies. According to Dexatel, this will enable business owners to send both transactional and promotional messages to their clients. Promotional messages will allow customers to be informed about the latest promotions, offers, and discounts, while transactional messages are meant to send customers quick order confirmations, welcome text messages, shipping updates, verification codes, one time passwords and many more. 

Founded in 2015, Dexatel offers solutions that enable businesses to connect, engage, and interact with their customers. The company is created to simplify the communication process for its partners, by providing a range of services including international calls, carrier services, roaming services, and A2P messaging.

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