JAZ Innovations Expands Distribution of Three Products That Make Meal Prep Simple

JAZ Innovations Expands Distribution of Three Products That Make Meal Prep Simple
JAZ Innovations came into existence fueled by a passion for cooking and has over the years provided several consumers and cooking enthusiasts with the innovative technology needed to make their cooking a lot simpler. At JAZ Innovations, their team is committed to providing safe, useful meal preparation tools and cookware for home use. In line with this, the company has announced the launch of three new products for the market.

Toledo, OH – JAZ Innovations is proud to announce they are increasing the availability of their product line by collaborating with many additional popular consumer product websites.  All of the company’s products have been designed not only to make cooking easier but also faster. Jim Huttner, the spokesperson for the company, at the announcement of the expansion in distribution of their products, that have been described as timesavers, said, “We are a consumer products company dedicated to providing safe, useful meal preparation tools and cookware for your home. Our products allow you to enjoy the foods you love without the typical mess and fuss that comes along with making dinner, baking for an event, or preparing for a family gathering. Cooking and baking have never been easier than with our innovative and unique kitchen gadgets.”

At the announcement of the distribution expansion, JAZ Innovations emphasized the value of the Gard’N Fresh™ Produce Saver, especially during the time when people are growing their own vegetables and looking for ways to extend the life of produce the organic way. The product has been certified as a safe, organic product that gives consumers as much as twice or three times the extended shelf life of fresh and organic produce. Guard’N Fresh extends the product life by removing the presence of Ethylene gas from it. Consumers who choose this new product will enjoy a wide range of features & benefits which include the ability to use the product in a refrigerator or counter bowl display with minimal visibility and cost savings with less environmental impact compared to the conventional methods of preserving organic produce. Each of the packets of the new product also provides 6 months of active use and its activation date easily depicts time for a replacement. Consumers buying this product can also store until needed, as the vacuum-sealed pouch allows the product to remain undisturbed until activated.

Added to this, JAZ Innovations also mentioned the promotion of it’s perfect Crust™ Pie Mat, which features a built-in thickness guide for perfect even crust, raised edge trims crust to roll a perfect circle, non-stick surface that allows for easy transfer of rolled crusts to pan, perfect size designed for a 9-inch pie, additional design inserts for crust decorations, rolls for easy storage, color options to match the customer’s needs, and more.

The third product included in its promotional campaign is the Perfect Measure™ Measuring Cups with a built-in leveling bar that ensures the exact amount needed, 100% dishwasher safe material, and more.

All of these products are available on the company’s website, as well as through many fine stores and retailers including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon.com, and more.

JAZ Innovations is headquartered at 760 Warehouse Rd, Unit K, Toledo, OH 43615. For inquiries, contact their team Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm by calling 855-845-3698, or send an email to [email protected]. For additional information or to place an order, visit their company’s website.

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