The Founder Of Everlasting TV Talks About Her New Channel on Roku

There are many inspirational women in the world, including Oprah Winfrey, Jane Fonda, and J.K. Rowling, but let me introduce you to Natashia Brewer.

Natashia Brewer is the founder of Everlasting TV LLC, which is about to launch a brand-new channel on Roku. The channel which is named after her company Everlasting TV is much different to the other channels out there. First of all, it will provide its viewers with Positivity and inspiration, and secondly and more importantly, it will give a platform to up and coming talent.


So, who is Natashia Brewer who has become a huge inspiration to thousands of women? Natashia Brewer was once a rebellious teenager who grew up in a family where her parents were battling addiction. She went down a dark road where she skipped school and started hanging around the streets drinking, and once she even ran away. However, with her background, and the nightmares she had to face daily, she could have carried on down that dark road, but she was saved.

Natashia joined a marching band where she regained her focus. She became part of the community and had something to live for. The band helped her to make friends and gave her the opportunity to travel and see places that she would not have seen.

The remarkable women then gained employment and worked her way up from a secretary to an IT Project Manager, but her path to happiness was about to be tested. In 1992 she was shot in a drive by, and then she lost her mother to cancer in 1996. But now, she has found the strength to achieve success and is on a mission to help others.

I wanted to know more about the woman behind Everlasting TV, which is a Christian-based channel, so we sat down together over a cup of tea, and here is what she said.

  1. Hi Natashia Brewer, can you introduce yourself? I am Natashia Brewer the owner/founder of Everlasting TV, LLC. I grew up in Washington DC and always had a desire and passion for creating from writing songs to writing my first movie. I have used my creativity in the most difficult times in my life to grow and help others. So, I have an affinity for the arts and those who create it.
  2. You are launching a new channel, what is the name of that channel? The name of my channel is Everlasting TV.
  3. Launching a new TV channel is a huge task, why did you decide to take on such a huge mission? Launching this channel has been a monumental undertaking, but it has been a great experience. I decided to launch my TV channel because at the time (early March 2020) I was creating the distribution strategy for my upcoming feature film. In this process, I found my purpose to not only develop a platform for myself, but to be a door to help other people to advance and grow. Everlasting TV is that door. The door for creators to gain exposure, clarity, reach, confidence, and confirmation that their voice matters in this world. We are a community.
  4. As the owner/founder of Everlasting TV, LLC, why did you decide to launch your new channel on Roku I chose Roku because streaming has grown over the years and with the pandemic, it grew even the more. I wanted to have my channel on a stable platform with a huge viewer base. Roku has over 40 million active subscribers and they’re continuing to grow. I will say that Roku is just the beginning, we have a roadmap to expand to other platforms. Stay tuned!
  5. So, what makes your channel so different from all the other channels available? What makes our channel different is that our mission is to provide up and coming talent, content creator who have an inspiring, motivating message with an opportunity to share it with the world. How many shows, artist, creators get recognition for the vulgar messages filled with sex, drugs, and violence, when messages or works with a message and greater enlightenment get buried. We are going to change that. Positivity and inspiration will prevail, and we at Everlasting TV will do everything in our power/control to make that happen. That is how our channel is different. Also, all submissions are reviewed which means some content is denied from being on the channel. We have our mission, vision, and values and every submission must be in alignment. This means, there is no pay to get your content seen format with our channel. If it does not align, it will not be in the channel lineup.
  6. You released gave a statement about your new channel, you said you want to change the narrative of what entertainment is and give up and coming artist a platform to share their positive/inspiring messages with the world. What do you mean by that? People feel like for them to be seen or progress in the entertainment industry they must conform with the narrative, changing who they truly are (at the core). You see it. They may not say it and act like things are all good, but you can see it. You can see it in their actions, their reactions, their posture. You can see it on them and through them. There are creators who refuse to conform, and I stand by them in their journey. I was that creator who refused to conform and that is why I am building this channel so that those people will never feel like their voice will not be heard or is not valued.
  7. Why do you feel it is important to give up and coming artists a platform? It is important to give talented people a platform to reinforce that their message matters and that it reaches as far as possible. This builds up their confidence so that they continue to open their mouth and share their message and do not conform to what others think they should say or be.
  8. You are giving creator of comedy skits, movies, tv shows, music visuals, the chance to showcase their work on your channel, how do people contact you if they want to showcase their work? The first step is to send an email to [email protected], requesting information and they will receive details about their content on the channel. If they want more details, then they will receive a link to set up an appointment for a 1:1 conference call.
  9. So, what type of content and shows can we expect to see? One clarification, in the previous question it seemed as though we are only open to have comedy on the channel, that is not the case. We are looking for all genres. We have a bit of everything and so much more to come. Movie shorts, documentaries, feature films, music videos, music, DIY shows (cooking, repairs, etc.), talk shows, podcasts, etc.
  10. A lot of TV viewers around the world have been complaining how TV channels are too expensive for small business owners to advertise on, is this something you are going to tackle? Our plan to combat this issue is to offer packages that will fit every budget and provide great value. It will not cost hundred of thousands of dollars to advertise on Everlasting TV and there will be other perks to advertising on our channel.
  11. Can we expect from your channel censorship like a lot of other channels provide, which means people cannot really have a voice? We value ever voice and what they desire to share with the world. However, we do have our mission, vision, and values and every show that is placed on the channel align with those things. We will never ask anyone to change their content or the delivery of that content. Example: if we are about building community, we are not going to have a show on the channel that exploits the tearing apart of a community.
  12. You are giving business owners the chance to gain great exposure with your new channel, what type of businesses is this offer open to? We are open to all types of businesses. There are some industries we are not opened to and an example would be Xrated/Adult entertainment. Like the shows/movies we put on the channel, business who advertise and partner with us will also have strong/purposeful missions
  13. You are set to release your first feature film Violet Bloom that you not only wrote but also acted in it, directed it, and produced it, what is the film about? The film is titled Violet Bloom and it is based on or was inspired by a song I wrote a few years ago by the same name. The movie follows the main character Violet Butler. A young lady in search of who she is (which is contradicted by what she sees). The life of Violet will show viewers how with God and a strong support system, you can go farther than you can imagine. However, there is a twist that no one sees coming.
  14. So, what are the five objectives of your channel? The five objectives of the channel are: shift the narrative of what entertainment is; flood the world with more inspiring, motivating, and positive messages; build a community; produce exclusive content (movies and TV show). The first Everlasting TV movie and TV show to be produced are Violet Bloom and Renew Your Mind with Natashia Brewer.
  15. Your channel has not been launched yet, but already you have gained worldwide exposure and got people excited, why do you think that has happened? I believe this was possible because of the value and opportunity Everlasting TV offers. Therefore, people have joined the movement to change and experience a changed narrative concerning what entertainment is. People are looking for quality content to view and creators are looking for platforms to share their message.
  16. When you reach your first birthday, and look back and what you have achieved, what will it take for you to say this has been a successful year? Success for me will be growing this channel by 10x in viewers, sponsors, advertisers, and content; completing two out of our three phases of implementation; expanding to our next targeted streaming platform. I am committed to doing everything in my power, and acquiring the right partners, to make this first birthday fit for celebration.
  17. You are offering people sponsorship opportunities; can you explain more about that? Sponsorships are a way for people and/or companies to partner with us to bring various Everlasting TV initiatives to fruition in a win/win scenario. Everlasting TV receives capital to execute the initiatives and the sponsor gains another level of exposure to the audience and events produced by us through various sponsorship activations.
  18. Has the recent Covid-19 lockdown affected your new TV Channel? The channel was birth in the midst of the pandemic. Being in my home, it afforded me the opportunity to build this channel. With the pandemic lockdown/even though restrictions are being lifted, people are still looking for quality entertainment to enjoy with as a family in their homes. The Everlasting TV channel has definitely been positively affected.

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