ASCO Offers NEC® – Compliant Engine Start Circuit Monitoring Solution

  • Cable cuts or short circuits can prevent start signals from reaching backup engine-generators.
  • Article 700.10 of the National Electrical Code® requires engine start circuit monitoring.
  • ASCO’s two-wire 5101 Engine Start Monitoring System continually monitors circuit integrity and provides real-time notification of start circuit problems.


An emergency engine-generator must start automatically when it receives a signal from an automatic transfer switch (ATS). Without engine start circuit monitoring, facility managers might never become aware of cable cuts or short circuits that could prevent start signals from reaching engine controls, leaving facilities at risk of outage. For this reason, the National Electrical Code® requires monitoring of engine start circuits to reduce the risk of outages.

The ASCO 5101 Engine Start Monitoring System provides electronic modules at engine-generator and ATS controls to continually monitor engine start signal wiring. If a control circuit is opened or shorted, the engine automatically starts, and an alarm relay activates indicators at the generator and any remote annunciators.

Key Attributes

  • The ASCO 5101 Engine Start Monitoring System is comprised of electronic modules placed on each generator and ATS.
  • Each ASCO 5101 Generator Module can monitor up to eight 5101 ATS modules.
  • Continuous monitoring provides real-time notification of start circuit conditions.
  • Works with any generator, regardless of brand.
  • Can be retrofitted to existing ASCO automatic transfer switches
  • Available on all new ASCO ATSs.

“The 5101 modules are the easiest solution for fully complying with the NEC requirement,” says Mario Ibrahim, ASCO’s Director of New Products & Innovation. “Because the modules are linked through the engine start circuit, they provide the most direct method for detecting problems that could lead to outages.”

“The last thing anyone wants is for a generator to fail to start,” says ASCO Product Manager, Victor Bonachea. “Our solution installs directly on existing two-wire systems with no additional modifications. We’re excited to offer a simple, effective, low-cost solution for complying with NEC requirements.”

More Information

Additional detail about the ASCO 5101 Engine Start Modules includes:

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