Enjoy Virus-free Healthy Air with the New Pyramid Air Protect – Air Treatment Unit

Enjoy Virus-free Healthy Air with the New Pyramid Air Protect - Air Treatment Unit

A premium manufacturer of water and air treatment equipment, Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., LTD is proud to announce its newest product Pyramid Air Protect-that offers full air and surface protection against bacteria and viruses including coronavirus.

Feature of the product are:

  • Economical at the time of purchase
  • No consumable products
  • Two operating modes, treatment 24h a day
  • Does not need any person to operate
  • No chemical product left after the treatment
  • Treats 100% of the surfaces, in every corner
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces
  • Eliminates most odors

Because of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, you want to protect your space against the virus and other bacterial charges on surfaces and in the air, but you neither have the time nor the personnel to make an effective treatment every day. So many companies are coming up with various systems offering solutions that make the surfaces and air COVID-19 free which is later discovered have little or no effect on the virus. However, Swiss Thai Water Solution Co. LTD, a company that has been creating treatment systems for over 20 years has come up with a premium solution that is very safe and effective.

Pyramid Air Protect – air treatment unit, a state-of-the-art air purifier, offers the most advanced technologies on the market using a method proven to be effective and safe according to research conducted recently. The New Pyramid Air goal for is to propose this product to the “commercial” user who has a waiting room where people this “mixture”, for example, medical office, dentist, hairdresser, gym, etc. We don’t want to push “Home use”.  And as well Pyramid Air Protect doesn’t filtrate – is have no filter. UV – kill the microbiology present in the air (fan push the air through the UV lamp), Ion generator creates the ions which attract contaminated particles to themselves and settle on surfaces, Ozone to treat the surfaces and the air once have no one in the room. Ozone doesn’t leave any residual chemicals. Also, to eliminating sources of the virus, air removing smoke and odors from cooking and common household chemicals which can make the indoor air quality worse and aggravate the lungs.

Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., LTD offers solutions to “commercial” users concerned about their health as well as the quality of life. The Swiss-based company with a manufacturing plant in Thailand that plays a revolutionary role in the air purification industry, manufactures environmentally friendly products with effectiveness and safety at the back of their mind. They are dedicated to designing state-of-the-art products that are energy-efficient, highly effective and affordable to an average person.

For further information about the product, please visit www.pyramid-air-protect.com

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