Innovative solution for an in-home isolation pod wins IDA’s Grant

International Design Awards (IDA) and European Product Design Awards (ePDA) Announce Winners of COVID-19 Design Innovation Grant

The International Design Awards, in collaboration with the European Product Design Awards, recently issued a call for entries to the Covid-19 Design Innovation Grant, as a way to find and support those who were working to provide innovative solutions to tackle some of the most pressing problems and needs during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The open call received an overwhelming response, with hundreds of creative designs and ideas submitted from all over the world, showing how talented and visionary designers were turning their skills towards tackling these issues in practical ways.

The Architecture and Interior Design call for entries challenged designers to present a simple, practical, innovative solution for an in-home isolation pod that would allow those with COVID-19 symptoms and others to safely co-habit without transmitting the virus. The Final Winner of this $5,000 Grant is Sarah Goldblatt – Safe Shed.

Speaking about the Grant and its purpose, IDA’s founder, Hossein Farmani, commented: “It’s important that design awards like IDA utilize the tremendous resources that we have at our disposal through our network, in encouraging the design community to put their creativity to work for a common human cause.” He continued, “By awarding these grants, we create an atmosphere where designers can be part of the collective solution for better, safer, more secure life for all mankind, which is why we emphasized the importance of all submitted designs and creations being made available to the public so that these ideas can be reproduced, improved on, and be easily accessible for all.”

IDA’s manager, Hannah Lillethun, also commented, “It has been heart-warming and inspirational to see how many people accepted our challenge and have put such effort and passion into creating these new designs and being willing to share them with us, and the world. This is what we are about — getting the incredibly talented and innovative designers from all disciplines to push boundaries and take steps forward that others can follow towards a better future.”

Below are the other Grant Finalists in the Architecture/Interior Design Category: 

Daniel Caven, Nistor Mircea Dragos, Hao Wu, Chih-Kang Hsu, Darya Semenova, Neevriti Studio, MAY ALI, Faldo Andreo Honggowidjojo, Mohamed El Arabi (left to right).

Winners in the other 3 Grant categories can be seen on the IDA Website.

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