Kids America is a group of kids making inspiring and powerful music for the youth

Youth is the future of any country and pointing them towards the right direction is extremely important. If the youth, since the very beginning is shown the right path that they can walk on, they can do wonders when they grow up. This is what the band Kids America intends on doing for the kids who are interested in being a part of the music world. Intending to produce positive and constructive music, Kids America is a bunch of talented kids that helps introduce kids into the mainstream music genre. This concept is raw and can prove to be highly helpful for upcoming talented artists.

Recently, Kids America released their EP “Kids America” in 2020, which is the outcome of hard work of 2 years but has a punch of 1000 years of experience. This EP consists of 5 astounding songs namely, Even if the World Stops, Move Us Along, Home, Good Enough, and Waiting for a Change. While each song is a masterpiece handcrafted to be perfect in its own way, one song especially stands out the rest of them. This track is “Even if the World Stops” which is the first single of this EP to get released, along with a music video. The cinematic breaking music video will leave you wondering if you just listened to kids or olds souls that look like kids. All the other songs are likewise incredible and are highly loved and appreciated by listeners from across the globe.

When asked about the inspiration behind putting together this group, the members of Kids America say, “We were fatigued with the current top 40. We felt the younger generation seemed to suffer from a lot of anxiety that seemed to be a result of the current popular music. We wanted to do something unique that had a lot of heart with energy. Kids have that spark and that vibe of excitement and hope we can keep that as we age. This is what led us to put together this group.”

The band Kids America likes to describe their music genre as a cultivated brand centered around original music with a mainstream appeal and theme based on encouragement and self-discovery. For this group to start, a whopping 150 kids were auditioned to find a good balance of talent and create a group that had been missing in the market.

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