United States is at the Precipice of a Financial Recession

The United States is facing a financial recession that has already started to affect our lifestyles and the future of our children and grandchildren.  Over the past four decades:

  • Our economic growth has slowed, and even declined in recent months,
  • Our standard of living has declined from the best in the world to its lowest ranking of thirteenth in the world, 
  • Our national debt’s ratio to gross domestic product is worse than it was after WWII, when manufacturing was at ninety percent of GDP, declining to today’s eleven percent, 
  • Our health care system is rated one of the worse of industrial countries.
  • Our continual loss of our nation’s wealth through trade deficits, and 
  • We are presently in the center of a fire storm called the COVID-19 pandemic.    

The question is why have other countries have been able to improve their quality of life, maintain their financial wellbeing, while this country, the most prosperous country in the world, continues on a course of self-destruction?

When faced with such a dire situation, the first step is to analyze the controlling factors of our society and define the original cause of the economic decline. With a great deal of research, I traced the origination of our fall to the year 1983.  The one significant commercial event that occurred in our nation, affecting our society, was a change of how the government paid for Medicare. This one change was not enough in itself; there were other contributing factors, the breakdown of the nation’s law enforcement, in particular, the Department of Justice failing to enforce the antitrust laws or the consumer protection laws and the Internal Revenue Service failure to enforce the tax code on the Healthcare Industry. These three factors led to the creation of the Healthcare Oligopoly.

I have assembled a lot of information presented in charts and tables. This information shows a clear picture of where we are at present, the causes of our circumstances, a complete legal description of the violations taking place, along with a legal glossary of terms and a detailed solution. I must warn you the answer will upset many people; it partially erodes the idea of a free competitive capitalistic society.  Without adopting the methods and procedures used by competing international countries, we will never be able to regain our standing as the greatest country in the world. It is your choice to decide if we are to maintain our unhelpful practices, allow our country to burn itself to the ground, or take action and make our government enforce our laws, change our health care system and take a new approach as to how we pay for our social benefits. History has showed us that when we are united in a great cause we have always succeeded. Much of our manufacturing plants have remained dormant for too long, it is time that we bring them back up to full productivity and proudly display our nation’s logo on goods around the world that says MADE IN U.S.A. 

This chart shows the problem and cause of our nation’s decline, it shows over the last forty years the changing percentages of the Healthcare Industry and the Manufacturing Industry of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product. 

The solution to correct this dilemma is detailed to the linked financial report “How is the Healthcare Industry affecting the U.S. economy”.

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