Hip-Hop Artist Ben Becker Releases New Single “Leave Me Alone”

When it comes to new artists, Ben Becker is out there in the country world. He has a new single out titled “Leave Me Alone“. The song already has a music video that goes with it that you can view on YouTube. It will surely climb as this man gets himself established in the music scene. He has a stance that is humble and seems to understand that fame is not everything. It also shows his values as a Christian and someone who just wants to express himself.


His new single is unique because it is also created in unprecedented circumstances. He has been at home, alone, and he’s been doing the videos from his home. This COVID-19 spin on things shows that Ben Becker is a doer and he doesn’t just wait around for a record label to make things happen for him.

He uses symbols such as a single eye and then a pyramid and then jokes that he knows its Illuminati symbolism. He seems to have a good sense of humor and balance about these things. In his single “Leave Me Alone” music video, he starts with a sketch between him and his friend. They are just talking about a dog peeing, but it’s clever.

Then, you’re not expecting him to just break out into hip hop. His song is catchy, and you could definitely envision it being played on the radio. He is even wearing a COVID-19 related mask in it, reminding us that even this point in history will be forever immortalized in videos.

The two of the stars of the video are dressed up a little bit nerdy which seems on purpose. The one has his shirt tucked in and pants pulled up a little bit too high to look like a typical hip-hop video star. They seem to be two normal guys having fun.

The song has some trippy cinematography and is well done for being an at-home production. There is even a cat starring in the debut. All in all, Ben Becker has some real talent and he is ready to let it shine- come rain or quarantine.

We can lookout for more music as this is just the beginning of the takeover for the young star. He also does covers if you want to check out his Twitter feed for more of his antics. You can also see more of his original songs from his album there.

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