OROGOLD Cosmetics – Glow for the Skin is Achieved with the Use of Great Products that Contain White Gold

OROGOLD Cosmetics is a premium skin line that has a global presence and consumers worldwide are demanding it both online and in stores across the globe.  Now OROGOLD, always a leader in skin care that contained pure gold, is also offering products enhanced with white gold.  While the products that use yellow gold remain popular, white gold takes the entire product line to a whole new level.  White gold has long been considered a more premium type of gold and is comprised of a somewhat different metallic base. White gold is mixed with nickel, palladium, platinum, and manganese, giving it that bright silvery finish.  Yellow gold on the other hand is mixed with gold, copper and silver giving it that bright yellow hue and can be 100% gold, or 24K.  OROGOLD provides both types of gold infused products, from deep cleansers, to mousse, to masks and overnight moisturizers.  In fact, the list of products is endless and is based on the preferences and needs of each individual consumer.

The benefits of white gold in skin care and even yellow gold can be extraordinary.

The benefits of any gold products have been around for centuries, starting with Cleopatra who used a gold mask at night. It has been noted that gold can preserve the basal skin cells and reduce the appearance of premature wrinkles and aging.  Inflammation can also be decreased, and the skin can become softer and smoother within weeks.  While yellow gold can enhance a golden glow on skin, white gold is preferred by some consumers that are not seeking to enhance a glow but want more anti-inflammatory properties.  Skin care products using white gold still enhance the glow of the skin, but in a more subtle way, and can alleviate the dark spots effectively.  White gold is simply just a more subtle look enhancement and is used in place of yellow gold for consumers of different skin types with different skin care goals. 

Yellow gold and white gold have many uses. 

Gold is used not just for skin care but in medical care also because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  It was not only popular in ancient Egypt but also currently used in China for many purposes because it reduces free radicals, which can damage all skin cells.  White gold may prohibit free radical damage and restore a youthful resilience to skin.  It generally is hypoallergenic and may provide relief from allergies and can provide a soothing and harmonizing effect.  Anti-inflammatory properties are good for any skin type, and the line of white gold products provided by OROGOLD Cosmetics, is becoming as wildly popular now as their great line of yellow gold products.  It is worth looking into this type of skin care, and a consultation can be done in person, at one of their worldwide locations, or orders can be taken at any time via their website.  The best in white gold skin care is now available to all that seek it. 

About OROGOLD Cosmetics

OROGOLD is a leader worldwide in the much sought-after field of gold infused skin care.  There are locations worldwide, but consumers can also order products online via their website.  The line of white gold infused products is extremely popular, and a list of locations exists as well as a form on the website for ordering.  There is also a Facebook page where individuals can visit for even more information on the products.  Free standard shipping is applicable.  Email also available for questions on products. 

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