Harkness Roanoke facility proud to provide ‘Made in the USA’ products

Harkness Roanoke facility proud to provide 'Made in the USA' products

In recent weeks, Harkness Screens has highlighted the work that is done in their USA facility. With a dedicated team of employees and a joint mindset of providing customers the best possible cinema going experience, entertainment journalist Joe Harvey spoke to two core team members working in Roanoke, Virginia about the pride of being able to say that all products they provide are Made in the USA.

Between the two of them Nathan Sample, USA Head of Operations, and Cody Polla, Curolux Product Manager, have eight years of experience at Harkness Screens. Providing cinema screens for cinemas across the country, the Harkness facility in Virginia has helped many of the US cinemas biggest brands provide moviegoers with excellent viewing experiences.

“Buying products that are made in the USA has a feeling of loyalty to it,” Sample said. “Especially during this pandemic, where the job market is struggling, buying American made products gives a sense of supporting our country and its economy by supporting American jobs. It also ensures a known quality value; when you buy American products, you understand the calibre of product that you are purchasing.”

Since the onset of Covid-19 in America, it is estimated that over 40 million jobs have been lost. An awful figure to read, Harkness Screens has been able to keep their doors open to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for interested parties and loyal customers. 

As a result of Harkness continuing operation, staff in Roanoke have been able to remain in full time employment and to continue the use of their world class skills with PVC. For Polla, this is only a positive thing for both employees and customers in the long run.

“Harkness has made a commitment to keep as many workers as possible in employment during these difficult times,” Polla said. “This keeps our factory ready to roll when the cinemas open back up, keeping our quality employees ready to go and it is these employees manufacturing high-quality screens when cinemas are ready.”

With different local governments across the USA at different stages in their reopening, it is difficult to predict exactly when the cinema industry will pick up in the country. With Harkness now manufacturing PPE, it is believed that the Harkness Protect range has the capability to aid cinemas reopen.

PVC barrier screens can be made to suit any environment and employees can be equipped with facemasks and aprons to help reduce chances of infection and the transportation of Covid-19. Not only do Harkness aim to help their customers reopening, but to make the public feel more at ease in returning to places where large numbers of people congregate, such as a multiplex.

“The customers we are seeking to assist, especially the movie theatres, have challenges of operating because their businesses rely on crowds of people,” Sample said. “The products we are offering are designed to help with social distancing in circumstances where staying apart may be difficult. Harkness Protect products provide a solution for these businesses in allowing their customers to be safe while they partake in their operations.”

“Harkness Protect has a wide range of products to help our core business, cinemas, reopen safely,” Polla added. “These products are designed to protect workers and customers, providing the safest environment for cinema goers.”

Polla recently spoke to Harkness.co about cinema restarting in the USA, with it widely thought that a big release will be needed to restart the industry worldwide. Regardless, Harkness Screens will be prepared to aid cinemas with their reopening across the United States, whether that be with cinema technology or PPE, they will be there.

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