Now On Kickstarter, “Where Am I ? Alice In A Mad Teaparty,” An Exciting New Social Deduction Game

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new Alice in Wonderland-themed board game project made in Japan!

A social-deduction game, “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” is set at the Mad Hatters Teaparty and challenges players to figure out who each other is, including notable figures like Alice, the Queen, and the Mad Hatter. With imperfect information bluffing and deduction, players immerse in the Alice in Wonderland theme from within Alice’s worldview. Small aesthetic components, like porcelain dinner sets, chairs, and characters, with additional secret letters, reference sheets, postcards, pocket watches, and stamps, help bring the game to life as players set the table, seat the guests, and try to discern just who each other is.

Perfect for small groups of two to four players, “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” was a hit at the EssenSpiel 2019 convention, selling out by just the second day and receiving acclaim for its high-quality components, game mechanics, and social deduction challenge. With a playtime of around twenty minutes, the board game creates a fun, fast-paced experience for everyone to enjoy, complete with a fair bit of controlled chaos. Simple rules and instructions make getting started fast and easy.

The rulebook is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese, bringing “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” to players around the world. A faithful reproduction of Alice’s theme, including John Tenniel’s original and stunning paintings, “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” is now available on Kickstarter here. For a limited time, pledge just ¥100 to support the project or ¥4,500 or more to get a copy of “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” at a special discounted rate. The game will release to Kickstarter backers worldwide in December 2020.


“Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty,” is an Alice in Wonderland-themed board game set at the infamous Mad Hatter Teaparty. Developed by GOTTANI Co., Ltd., an independent game design and production studio in Japan, “Where Am I? Alice In A Mad Teaparty” sold-out at the EssenSpiel 2019 convention and will release to global Kickstarter backers in December 2020.

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