PuppyDoc set to revolutionize pet healthcare with the launch of the first IoT device in the industry

Technology-based Pet ID Registration and Pet Healthcare Platform, PuppyDoc, helps pet owners monitor and maintain the health status of their pets amid COVID-19 crisis

Dog owners can right say Woof! to the New Dog Healthcare Management IoT Device. The device, which will be officially launched on  7th July 2020, is an innovation designed to monitor and suggest medically approved ways of keeping pets in tip-top condition at all times, ultimately helping pets and their owners enjoy every second together.

Taking care of pets would be a lot easier if they could talk and tell their owners about their pain points. Unfortunately, the only pet that has talked in history is Brian Griffin from Family Guy – an animated character. This has led to the death of pets due to unsuspecting diseases and conditions. However, this is about to change with the emergence of PuppyDoc.

PuppyDoc is the world’s first IoT device and is currently helping over 3,000 pet owners monitor and maintain the health status of their pets via the mobile app, even amid the COVID-19 crisis. The innovative solution will be launched on Kickstarter on Tuesday, 7th July 2020.

The PuppyDoc IoT device allows users to easily ascertain their dog’s needs by providing them with suggestions such as when to do some activities such as exercising, walking, resting, and getting some sun and UV rays exposure. It also allows users to monitor vitamin D and melatonin levels in their dog, helping to maintain its sanity.

Sunbathing, particularly in the morning, is just as important to dogs as it is to humans. It enhances the absorption of vitamin D, calcium, and minerals, strengthening their bones and joints, ultimately keeping them happy and healthy. It regulates melatonin secretion and helps dogs enjoy deep sleeps by separating sleep cycles. However, it is worth noting that prolonged sun exposure could cause burns or heat stroke. Therefore, it is advised to only go out when the weather condition is mild, further reiterating the importance of PuppyDoc. 

PuppyDoc is also equipped with a GPS system to help pet owners locate their little guys in and out of the house. This can be particularly helpful if the pet ever went wandering outside.

The novel IOT device also helps to keep pets happy by suggesting carefully planned out sleep schedules and exposure to sunlight, which in turn induces the serotonin needed to keep the dog happy. Serotonin, also known as the happy hormone, is crucial to maintaining emotional stability and lowering stress and tension. Dogs that are not exposed to sunlight or lack outdoor activities may suffer from a range of residual illnesses and are prone to separation, anxiety disorders, and depression.

With PuppyDoc, pet owners cannot go wrong while caring for their dogs. The device recommends the right amount of exercise, sunlight exposure, and sleep time depending on the breed and age of the puppy.

Treats and chew toys are great, but health is the best gift to offer a dog and PuppyDoc aims to make a healthy living for dogs easy peasy.

PuppyDoc will be available to pet owners that are particular about the health of their dogs. Interested pet owners can back the product on Kickstarter and be part of the first people to acquire the device.

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