Bluetti’s Portable Power Station Outwits Gas Generators in Performance, Operation and Functionality

Portable Power Stations are Innovative Products that Keep Users Worry-Free without the Noise and Maintenance of Gas Generators.

London, UK – 29 June, 2020 – With a wide range of potent and powerful power solution devices in its ambit, Bluetti pops up its new portable power station that will turn up gas generator’s toes to the daisies. Portable power stations, unlike traditional gas generators, are worry-free, secure and confident devices that are not only calm in their operation but pricelessly economical as well. Whether it is an indoor activity or an outdoor venture, portable power stations are more convenient and serviceable than traditional gasoline-powered generators.

Unlike portable power station that is mainly lithium batteries to store power, gas generators use diesel, gasoline or natural gas to filter output making it critically tricky to master the correct use of a gas generator. Portable power stations are lighter than a gas generator allowing users to work with it at different places such as a garden or outdoor camping. Gas generators, being weighty and hefty, require two persons to move together while portable lithium power supply weighs 1-30 kg and is very convenient to carry.

Fuel used by gas generators is expensive that not only pollute the environment but are accompanied by noise as well. The portable power station has battery power generation and the lithium battery is certified by Rhos, CE, FDA that is calm, eco-friendly and solar panel supported. Besides, large and small generators require constant maintenance to ensure they are ready to work while portable power stations require little in the way of the maintenance and additional costs over the lifetime of the product.

Bluetti is ready to launch its versatile AC200 portable power station via the crowdfunding platform on July 1st at 10:00 am (EST). Customers who support the campaign through will receive up to 45% off the retail price of the Bluetti’s AC200.  AC200 is a multitalented device that will bring revolution to the power supply solution. The device is carefully and laboriously designed to recharge laptops, air conditions, medical instruments and a range of electrical devices.  The AC200 features 1700Wh capacity, 2000W total AC and DC output, rated for 2500+ cycles, BMS smart battery protection, supports up to 700W/35~150V solar input, LCD touch panel, smart temp-controlled fan, water-resistant case, dustproof rubber plug and many more.

If you have any queries regarding Bluetti’s AC200, please feel free to contact our Media Manager.

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