How To Connect The Industrial Aluminum Extruded Profiles?

How To Connect The Industrial Aluminum Extruded Profiles?
Industrial aluminum extruded profiles with environmental protection, do not need welding, disassembling and assembling convenient, convenient to carry, easy to handle these characteristics slowly approach people’s life is accepted by everyone.

So how are industrial aluminum extruded profiles connected?

In general, industrial aluminum extrusion profile is used to connect industrial aluminum profile accessories.

There are two common ways to connect:

1. Internal connections:

For example, bolts and nuts, built-in connectors, anchor pins, corner slots, etc.Different specifications of industrial aluminum profile, the use of matching industrial aluminum profile accessories are not the same, which we need to pay attention to.

For example, the semi-round head bolts and semi-round head bolts are used separately. The semi-round head bolts are used separately for industrial aluminum 45 series European standard groove 10 profiles and industrial aluminum 50 series groove 8 heavy-duty profiles.

2. External connection:

General industrial aluminum profile connected aluminum profile accessories are more, like corner pieces, steering corner pieces, three – dimensional connectors, movable connectors, T – type connector plate, L – type connector plate, nylon hinge, metal hinge and so on.

Of course, aluminum extrusion parts in the use of the process will also be matched with each other, for example, nylon hinge in the use of the process will usually need to be equipped with 4 sets of bolts and nuts.

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9 ways to connect aluminum extruded profiles

1. Elastic fastener

Used for connecting two profiles within 90°, easy to install and disassemble.

2. End connector

Used for right Angle connection between two or three profiles, strong and beautiful.

3. Strength Angle groove connector (45°)

Used for connecting two 45° Angle profiles in the corner groove, high strength, often used to fix the door frame profiles.

4. Corner seat (right Angle, 45°, 135°)

Used for external connection of fixed Angle of profile, divided into three kinds of Angle connection of 90°45°135°, which can fix the sealing plate.

5. Screw connection

Used for 90° internal connection of two profiles, easy to install and disassemble, often used for simple profile hood connection.

6. Built-in connector

For 90° connection of two profiles, hidden connection, high connection strength.

7. 3d connector (right Angle)

Used for the right Angle connection between three profiles, the connection is convenient and fast.

8. 3d connector (R Angle)

Used for the right Angle connection between three circular arc profiles, the connection is convenient and fast

9. Word connector

Used for high strength pair connection of two profiles.

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The above is about the aluminum extrusion profile link way; We are an aluminum extrusion plant, can provide: Φ 6 half round aluminum extrusion, round aluminum extrusion profiles and other services, welcome consulting

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