LA Based Influencer Technology Company Gives Back By Teaching Orphans and At-Risk Youth to be Entrepreneurs

LA Based Influencer Technology Company Gives Back By Teaching Orphans and At-Risk Youth to be Entrepreneurs

LOS ANGELES – June 29th, 2020 Rad Intelligence, a Los Angeles based Influencer Marketing Technology Company, to bring the “Entrepreneur Series” to Orphaned Starfish Foundation and provide entrepreneurship training to 14-17-year-old children across the world.

“Our goal is to make sure all the children we serve will have the tools they need to be successful in their lives.”

The Entrepreneurship Series provides CEOs and Founders the platform to work with at-risk youth currently being supported through the OSF program. Founder and managing director of OSF, Andy Stein, and Rad Intelligence Founder and CEO Jeremy Barnett have been spearheading the first series in Colombia, designed to help the children of OSF develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve greatness.

Orphaned Starfish is dedicated to helping orphans, victims of abuse, survivors of trafficking, indigenous children, and at-risk youth break their cycles of abuse and poverty through computer-based education and job training. OSF’s mission is to foster lasting change in the lives of the children it serves by giving them opportunities to develop vocational skills through computer technology and gain employment that will enable them to overcome the cycle of poverty and abuse. OSF now serves over 15,000 children in 29 countries, including here in the United States.

Silicon Beach has been a supporter of Orphaned Starfish since 2016 when Barnett teamed up with OSF to launch the “Party For A Purpose” fundraiser in Los Angeles, the city’s first red carpet fundraiser set up to raise money for the children of OSF. Since 2016, these efforts in Los Angeles have raised over $500,000 for the children of OSF. These funds have been used to benefit the Foundation’s 69 international programs, helping over 15,000 children in 28 countries. The money was dedicated to the construction and operations of vocational training facilities, furnishings, equipment, teachers’ salaries, job placement services, and scholarships for higher education.

“This year, we have unique challenges that require a hyper-creative mindset”, says Barnett. “We all must work even harder to ensure these amazing kids know they have not been forgotten,” continues Barnett. “This year’s OSF fundraiser events are uncertain, and humanity is being tested in unprecedented ways.” Barnett concludes, “So focusing on the education for at-risk children in one place Rad Intelligence can make a direct impact.”

“Our goal is to make sure that all the children we serve will have the tools they need to be successful in their lives and to serve as many children around the world as possible. I am deeply grateful to our sponsors and our supporters in Southern California for helping to make thousands of vulnerable children’s dreams a reality,” says OSF founder Andy Stein.

Previous OSF fundraising events in NY and LA have attracted some of the world’s top business leaders, celebrities & sports stars, including Susan Lucci, Judy Reyes, Julia Stiles, Malik Yoba, Sasha Cohen, Jon Batiste, Mariano Rivera, Troy Polamalu, Nastia Liukin, Rick Fox, Tony Gonzalez, Shaun Phillips, Jim Leyritz, Anthony Michael Hall, Stacy Kiebler, and Odette and Dave Annable.

“The OSF awareness in Los Angeles was snowballing last year, but now needs a shot in the arm”, says Barnett. “These kids are thirsty for information. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how supporting education can change the trajectory of a child’s life.” Barnett continues, “The kids of OSF are learning and thriving. What Andy has built, with the help of so many others, hit home for us.” Barnett concludes, “As a startup CEO & founder, we’re constantly moving at lightspeed. Taking a moment to work with these amazing kids is something we feel privileged to do. I’m grateful to be a part of the LA movement.”

To support Orphaned Starfish, please go to To be a part of supporting the OSF entrepreneurship series contact [email protected]

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About Orphaned Starfish Foundation

Andrew Stein founded the Orphaned Starfish Foundation in 2001 after visiting orphanages in Latin America and performing magic tricks for the children. He began OSF intending to help orphans, victims of abuse, victims of trafficking, and at-risk children worldwide escape their cycles of poverty and abuse through education and job training. From humble beginnings building a small computer vocational training center in an orphanage in Santiago, Chile, OSF now serves over 15,000 children in 69 programs in 29 countries: USA, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, Haiti, Colombia, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Uruguay, Philippines, Kenya, Jamaica, American Samoa, Trinidad, Cambodia, Paraguay & Nepal.

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