New Zealand BEGGI launches the world’s first flying saucer-shaped antipruritic essence, opening a new era of antipruritic products

The dog days of summer this year will witness the major health giants compete fiercely to hold a predominate share of the maternity and baby care products market. Recently, New Zealand’s well-known health brand BEGGI Pharmacy has released a big news of a new product that it will launch the world’s first BEGGI New Zealand flying saucer-shaped antipruritic essence. As is known, BEGGI New Zealand flying saucer-shaped antipruritic essence gained popularity among mothers as soon as it was launched in New Zealand, and it has also been praised by many moms as a marvelous product to relieve itching for baby skin. The repurchase rate is as high as 95% or more, makes it top-ranking in the best-selling list of baby skincare products in local pharmacies and supermarkets.

Abbott, a pediatrician who works at a public hospital in New Zealand, told reporters that in New Zealand, many infants and young children are troubled by eczema, heat rash, and skin inflammation. However, given that most existing products for treating skin problems contain chemical ingredients, although they are effective and the effects come on quickly fast, they can easily destroy the balance of the skin itself and make the skin more fragile, which makes these products not suitable for infants and young children.

“The invention of this antipruritic essence of BEGGI is just a way out of the dilemma. It is completely free of chemical ingredients and inhalable powder, and will not cause adverse effects on skin and lungs. The liquid antipruritic and repairing essence can be applied directly to the skin of babies, which can quickly penetrate into the deep layer of the skin, quickly repair the inflamed, red and swollen parts, relieve itching and keep the skin cool, so we strongly recommend it to all moms,” Abbott said.

According to the pediatrician mentioned above, BEGGI’s anti-itching essence becomes the front-runner in the industry in terms of its formula, product technology and effects.

First of all, in the product formulation, the core ingredient of this antipruritic essence is Manuka honey – known as New Zealand’s “national treasure”, which is rich in a variety of active substances and has the amazing effect of anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, cooling and repairing the skin. The purest manuka honey ingredients purified by high technology are added to the BEGGI antipruritic essence, which are effective in rapid sterilization and anti-itching, soothing skin inflammation and building up skin barrier.

Secondly, in terms of product technology, in order to maximize the activity of the essence ingredients, BEGGI integrates biological technology of freshness maintaining into product research and development process. BEGGI pioneers the  capsule technology to maintain freshness in the industry, which locks in high level of manuka honey repair essence and a variety of natural plant essences inside the capsule to create fresh and healing effects. The split-pack design makes it possible to use one single capsule at a time for convenience and hygiene, avoiding product oxidation and deterioration.

In terms of the effects, this antipruritic essence of BEGGI can solve all itchy skin problems. It can be applied to the baby’s skin in summer, which can effectively relieve the baby’s itching and prevent the development of prickly heat; I can be applied to the sunburned area to relieve ultraviolet stimulation and repair skin redness and heat; for babies’ “red ass”, it can also reduce redness and restrain bacterium to develop, helping to quickly restore to the normal state of baby’s skin; Daily use of the product can have the effects of acne removing, skin refreshing and moisturizing.

In addition, the unique shape of the “flying saucer” has also subverted the traditional design of antipruritic products, and has obtained an exclusive appearance patent. The fun-filled shape with a sense of technology has also become the priority of purchase for children in New Zealand.

It is reported that this flying saucer-shaped antipruritic essence that is popular in New Zealand is about to be sold to more than 20 countries and regions in the world, such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Australia and China. By then, babies around the world can use this fabulous product which is safe, effective and non-irritating.

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