Fitness Volt launches Weight Gain Calculator to improve the bulking journey

Health and fitness website provides bodybuilders with all the tools needed to increase muscle mass and get in shape. It is designed for men and women.

Fitness Volt, a health and fitness website dedicated to female and male bodybuilders, has launched its Weight Gain Calculator to improve the bulking journey and help individuals reach their muscle mass objectives.

Gaining muscle mass isn’t easy for bodybuilders and takes tremendous heart and dedication to workout routines. To gain weight and muscle mass, bodybuilders must achieve the perfect balance of taking on more calories than they burn in the gym. The key to bulking up, however, is not to take on too many calories that will turn to fat rather than muscle.

Fitness Volt’s Weight Gain Calculator enables bodybuilders, weightlifters or any other individual looking to gain weight, to enter their details such as height, weight, age, goal weight and calculate the number of calories needed to gain weight. The tool provides advice on how to achieve the desired end results and makes adjustments for an individual’s activity and personal factors such as job and daily movement.

The new weight gain calculator has been hailed as a major breakthrough by Pro and Amateur bodybuilders. It is helping those who not only want to reshape their body, but also vital for those that are entering amateur and professional bodybuilding competitions.

One bodybuilder who has been using the new Weight Gain Calculator commented:

“For many years I have been guessing on the correct way to gain weight to increase my body muscle. I have made a lot of mistakes, but now, thanks to the Fitness Volt Weight Gain Calculator it has simplified the whole process.”

The weight gain calculator has become so popular with bodybuilders, that fitness gyms are recommending it to their members, allowing for quicker and better results in their bodyshaping goals.

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