Create realistic renders with easy-to-use GPU rental service by iRender – The cloud rendering service can turn any simple computer to a supercomputer

iRender brings the simplest and most user-friendly cloud GPU servers to use. Choose a flexible plan and get started right away in creating the most realistic renders with the freedom of imagination. With integrations for many platforms such as Blender, Maya, Houdini, SketchUp, PyTorch, TensorFlow and many more.

Hanoi, Vietnam – iRender brings a cloud GPU rental service that lets the users make use of the powerful and robust features of the servers at iRender while using their own computers on their own desk. The service is easy to use yet very sturdy, the remote render farm can handle even the toughest rendering tasks thanks to the amazing CPUs and GPUs. The payment methods and plans are very flexible, making sure that the users are given the most reliable and trustworthy service. The usage time is calculated from the start of using the service until it is shut down, and then the invoice is sent to the registered email.

iRender is a Vietnamese company operating internationally that is based on the model of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), which rents the GPUs and CPUs on the cloud for 3D rendering, big data, Blockchain, remote render farm, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Simulation or any kind of heavy and intensive tasks for the computer systems. iRender was developed with the most powerful GPU and CPU infrastructure that can handle all the heavy-duty tasks like a breeze. The GPUs used are GTX 1080Ti and 2080Ti with heavy-duty processors having multiple cores to support the heaviest workload.

The simple to use rental service by iRender is the best, as it involves just a few steps to get started. First, register to the service, then create a new work environment or better known as a system image. This work environment will be saved and automatically loaded for the user as soon as logging into the account. After that, a remote desktop connection will be set up, and the user will be provided with a file with login credentials. The file transfer process is unique, it can transfer files even when the server is turned off, so the users can make changes any time. Furthermore, major cloud transferring platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive are also supported. Additionally, multiple servers can also be used, and the system image can automatically be generated, thus providing usefulness to the users.

With the new age of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, not everyone has access to the best and most powerful machines to turn their dreams into reality. Keeping that in mind, iRender aims to facilitate such people by providing their cloud render services for them. Even a low-performance computer can turn into a supercomputer using the cloud services by iRender. No need to buy expensive computers and then installing heavy software, just make use of the services by iRender and start creating.

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Company Name: IRender Viet Nam
Contact Person: Thanh Akita
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Phone: (+84) 981-868-890
Address:No.22 Thanh Cong Street
City: Hanoi
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