VETPAW, inc. Hosts Livestream With Wildlife Protection Team in Africa

VETPAW, inc. Hosts Livestream With Wildlife Protection Team in Africa

New York City, New York – As travel restrictions tighten, many members of VETPAW have elected to stay in Africa fighting for the welfare and protection of wildlife, even if it means not being able to return home for close to a year. The group, which consists of 9/11 US veterans dedicated to combating poaching, hosted a powerful live stream that allowed the public access to an exclusive insider look at the day to day operations.

VETPAW, or Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife, has been working for years to slow the impact of poaching on the biodiversity of Africa’s wildlife. VETPAW employs 9/11 veterans with combat skills, who train local rangers, surveil, and prevent poachers in partnership with law enforcement. VETPAW members also educate local communities about the value of conservation.

Those who tuned in to the stream were able to hear from the executive staff, donors, stakeholders, and even the team members who are on the ground fighting for wildlife protection every day. It was broadcasted on all of the organization’s social media platforms to make it as accessible to all viewers internationally.

The stream went live between April 22nd and 24th. As a three-day live stream event, this VETPAW project did more than just educate. In addition to information, the stream included some exciting prizes, like the opportunity to win a safari experience in the U.S.

Supporters could enter the raffle to win a VIP experience at ZooTampa, a 10-day African Volunteer Experience in South Africa, or limited edition VETPAW swag. Raffle donations helped fund equipment and upkeep for rhino protection. More information about the prizes are located at

With this live stream, VETPAW strived to connect with supporters despite the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages supporters of wildlife protection to get involved. VETPAW currently accepts donations on the website via check or PayPal. 100% of profits earned in the online store are donated. Supporters can buy a t-shirt and support African wildlife while promoting the cause.

Those interested in becoming activists can reach out to founder Ryan Tate via an online contact form on the website.

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