5 tips to redesign homes while sheltering in place

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing our best to protect ourselves and our communities by staying home — but the same surroundings for weeks on end can get a little boring. If you find yourself with the time to start (and finish!) home improvement projects, you can take the opportunity to transform your space, freshen up whatever’s feeling stale, and establish a new sense of peace in your home.
Experts on the Vacasa Interior Design team rounded up a list of tips and inspirational vacation homes to help bring your most coveted Pinterest boards to life — plus, a little redesign will give you a much-needed sense of control over your environment in this period of uncertainty.
1. Declutter your spaces
Right now, many of us are feeling worn out by the unpredictability and chaos surrounding the global pandemic that governs our lives. By consuming news about the virus every day, we are overstimulating ourselves — and it’s possible our living spaces could reflect that state of mind.
Small changes can make a world of a difference here. Start by examining your home with a critical eye, thinking about what gives you comfort versus what may be subconsciously adding to your stress. Here are some of the ways to give yourself a mental break:
  • Take your mail, including pesky bills, off the dining room table and establish a drawer where they can live until you’re ready to revisit them — then, wipe down all your counters!
  • Consider whether there are too many items on your bookshelves and dressers. Does the arrangement look hectic to you? Do any of the items conjure up unpleasant memories? If so, remove some, putting them in storage or a box to eventually donate.
  • While you’re at it, check out your pantry and closets, too. Odds are, they could benefit from some serious reorganization.
  • Examine your home for stray cords, and tack them along the walls for a much cleaner, more orderly feel.

2. Rearrange your common areas
It’s tempting to spend all day in front of the television when you’re working from home or trying to entertain the kids. But, wouldn’t we all rather have meaningful conversations with loved ones, read, or play board games — at least some of the time?
Think about whether your living room furniture is arranged to foster interactions between those in your household. Set up your couches or chairs so they’re facing one another, and make sure you have a coffee table in the mix where drinking glasses can rest, novels can be set down, and Monopoly can be played!
3. Spruce up the kitchen
Kitchens are essential spaces to connect with members of your household — especially right now. More than ever, people are enjoying the art of baking cookies with their kids, or creating a home-cooked meal with a partner. Maximize circulation as much as possible, and provide extra hang-out room with chic barstools, or reimagine the flow between the kitchen, dining, and living areas.
If you don’t already have one, considering adding a kitchen island to give yourself more counter space. We know bumping arms in the kitchen is never fun, and can result in a sliced finger!
Proper layered lighting in kitchens is also crucial, both for creating ambiance and for aiding in specific tasks. Pendant lighting over an island, under-cabinet lighting, and overhead lighting should all be considered.
4. Experiment with new pops of color
Color gives a room its feeling and can evoke warmth and comfort. Spring is the perfect season to introduce new hues to your home, so there’s no better time than the present for a quarantine refresh.
DIY painting is a cathartic way to brighten your mood and enhance day-to-day living. Consider the best location in your home for an accent wall. Is it in the living room behind the couch, or would it be better suited for the bedroom? Think warm jewel tones and cheery bold colors — but remember to stay true to your own personality and style.
If you want to make more subtle updates, try replacing pillow slipcovers or investing in a new throw blanket for an added splash of color and texture.
5. Play up the bedroom
Many of us are having trouble sleeping right now due to pandemic-induced stress. Maybe you’re having bad dreams, just can’t get to sleep, or wake up too frequently. And, let’s be honest, we all need some R&R right about now.
Consider what aspects of your bedroom may be disrupting (or, at least, not helping) your REM cycle without you knowing it. Make sure you have plenty of pillows, including accent throws, and think about investing in new, high-quality sheets.
Put up some art that brings a smile to your face, but make sure it complements the overall feel of the room. Equip your bedside table with essential items that give the room character and added utility, like a lamp or a clock.
For more interior design tips and tricks, visit: https://www.vacasa.com/property-management/interior-design.

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