Rose of Sharon Holistic Offers Distance Consultation Via Phone Or Online For Patients Seeking Naturopathic Healing

Rose of Sharon Holistic Offers Distance Consultation Via Phone Or Online For Patients Seeking Naturopathic Healing
With many people limiting exposure to public places during the COVID-19 restrictions, the benefits of distance consultations are noted. Dr, Robinson offers assessments by telephone or video messenger.

Rose of Sharon Holistic and Preston Robinson, N.D. are pleased to announce that the holistic center offers distance consultation. Using either a video messenger or a telephone call, the professional naturopathic practitioner discusses the condition and evaluates information from the person considering treatment. Many people limit exposure to the risk of Coronavirus, but still want to achieve relief and healing through homeopathy, herbs, metabolic profiling, Bach flower therapy, nutrition, and supplementation.

The holistic health practitioner will review the patient’s history and provide a thorough virtual examination. The written evaluation report arrives through the postal service. The patient will also be provided with the needed detoxification remedies or supplements which are recommended for the healing process to begin. The comprehensive homeopathic remedies start with complete body analysis and use natural health care as an effective path to wellness.

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The path to wellness focuses on four essential areas. Each of these categories comes with specific evaluation methods and restoration techniques. The key areas include the elimination of metabolic challenges and food sensitivities; detoxification from heavy metals, chemicals, and bio-toxins at the cellular level; bringing healing indicators into The Green Zone and applying for the Stemnomic Solution Program.

Food sensitivities are found in one or more of seven different food groups. These include fats, rice, corn, citrus, yeast, and wheat. The final group of unlucky people tends to be sensitive to nearly everything they eat. Each of the sensitivities is resolved by providing the right missing nutrient, which underlies the sensitivity.

Preston Robinson has gained comprehensive expertise in a range of alternative techniques, including muscle response testing and homeopathic remedies. Detoxification helps the client to achieve equilibrium before pursuing additional therapy. The muscle response testing helps to determine the type of toxins affecting the body, which can be addressed in holistic techniques.

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