Oregon Outdoor Lighting Now Offering Security Lighting Solutions

Oregon Outdoor Lighting Now Offering Security Lighting Solutions
Oregon Outdoor Lighting is known for their variety of LED lighting products and services. The company is now offering high-tech lighting security systems for all properties.

Offering a host of outdoor LED lighting solutions to a large clientele in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Outdoor Lighting is now offering premium security lighting solutions for both residential and commercial client. While the company previously offered LED lighting services that purely catered to the aesthetic aspect of a property, it is now offering security lighting. The security systems include state of the art technology that is installed by company specialists custom to the unique features of each respective property.

A media representative for the company made an official press statement “Here at Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we are known as the premier provider of outdoor LED lighting solutions in Oregon. We have worked with a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential clients to increase the value of their property with custom LED designs. We have made it our mission to constantly leverage new technologies and expand the horizons of what we are able to offer. After a lot of research, testing and trials, we are now offering bespoke outdoor security lighting solutions that offer utmost safety from every angle.”

If not installed with utmost attention to detail, outdoor security lighting systems can actually become counter-intuitive and hinder visibility on security camera footage in case of any criminal activity taking place on the premises. Oregon Outdoor Lighting experts analyze the property from every aspect and come up with a plan that best suits the features of the property. This includes positioning of the lights, positioning of the movement sensors and detectors, the type of light fixtures to use, how said light fixtures are housed, protective wire mesh and much more.

The representative further added “There are many intricacies and details that come with installing the most ideal lighting security system for your property. We work closely with each and every client to educate them about the options available before coming to a decision as to which features will be best for the property. Our aim with these systems is to minimize intrusion and to make sure if any trespassing or criminal activity takes place, it is recorded perfectly. Many security lighting systems are flawed in the sense that they create immense glare on the security cameras, thus concealing the faces of trespassers and hiding the criminal activity. Starting from planning and selecting options to placement and testing for effectiveness, we go through every step of the process to make sure your security lighting works flawlessly.”

More details can be seen on the official company website at https://oregonoutdoorlighting.com.

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