Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Introduces High-end Drying Oven That drying Electronic Components under Constant High Temperature Used for Research and Manufacturing Activity

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd releases high-tech drying oven used for many applications in the field of research institutes,electronic & semiconductor, pharmaceutical, agriculture, electrical, and applied science.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd ’s drying ovens are designed for baking materials under constant high-temperature environment, These drying ovens offer the maximum level of personnel, product, and environmental protection. An industrial R&D operator and qualified officer have confirmed these drying ovens’ adequacy for the manufacturers’ baking and curing purpose. The devices are constructed in accordance with international industry standards. The company is internationally known for producing high-end products and a complete line of qualified drying oven products. The company’s representative, Mr. Gerald, said these ovens meet China and International Standards. And they also have numerous innovative features that offer uniform drying for electronic components, material tests, curing, wax-melting, high-temperature aging, preheating and sterilization under high temperature.

The 200°C Air Forced Oven helps remove moisture content from coatings and various substrates while also sterilizing a variety of lab equipment and materials. The equipment finds widespread use in research organizations, electronics and semiconductor industries, the education sector, defense installations, agro-based industries, and scientific research institutes. The equipment is designed from high-quality materials to provide for superior protection, and it has a programmable LCD Controller, a temperature record printer, and Φ25mm test hole. Furthermore, they are affordable, produce less noise, and long-lasting compared to competitors. The device even alerts users when there is a malfunction; thus, it assists in managing the items stored inside. It also allows users to be flexible with the parameters which can be modified according to the needs and adjust with different laboratory changes with ease. 

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd Introduces High-end Drying Oven That drying Electronic Components under Constant High Temperature Used for Research and Manufacturing Activity

The 300°C Precision Oven is for personnel, environmental, and product protection. It has an open front design with a programmable LCD controller, a temperature record printer, RS485/RS232 port and communication software, and Φ25mm test hole. This instrument reduces and controls moisture levels in solid materials through heated drying,it is a crucial process in the manufacture of many materials. The equipment has microprocessor-based controllers with a digital display of all critical parameters. This drying oven conforms to international standards and provides a highly reliable and safe working environment. It is portable and easy to operate.

Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd ’s newly presented 400°C Precision Oven is an oven that provides a closed, constant high-temperature area to cure components such as plastics, ink, adhesives, and removing excess water from filter material, to name a few. This equipment uses industrial grade materials and high-quality stainless steel 304, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant. In contrast, the exterior is primarily made up of cold-rolled steel plates. This device is also equipped with a programmable LCD controller and safety alarms for problem detection. 

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Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the world’s leading drying oven and dry cabinet manufacturers based in China. The company also generates many other machinery and equipment products such as electronic dry cabinets, industrial drying oven, and climatic chambers. Today, Symor Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd has more than 1,000 employees and operates in more than 100 countries.

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