Veteran entrepreneur launches course to turn ideas into businesses

Everyone has an idea that they believe could be worth a million dollars. Humans love building things but we want that silver bullet. In tough times there are even more reasons to get up and start turning that idea into something more useful, something more real. 

But most people struggle with that first step. Obsessive entrepreneur Nic Haralambous has been building side hustles and startups since the age of 16. Now, with twenty years of experience and multiple successful exits he has created the How to Start a Side Hustle online course to help people move from idea to sales. 

You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to work 4 hours a night but you do have to commit if you want to build anything of value. The course that Haralambous has carefully built will walk students through the most basic concepts of starting a side hustle and help students understand the toll a side hustle can take on life, love and everything. 

Students who are serious about their side hustle, who don’t want a quick fix (because those aren’t real) and who care about their financial freedom should enrol. 

Through his practical, implementation-focused eBook, online short course, and Masterclass, the veteran entrepreneur is teaching people how to step into their side hustle with confidence by asking the tough, important questions and guiding ambitious individuals towards achievable, realistic, profitable goals.

Watch Haralambous discuss entrepreneurship and starting a side hustle on eNCA.

Interested in learning how to start a side hustle? Sign up for a short course today and receive Haralambous’ How to Start A Side Hustle eBook for free.

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