Debut Dystopian Novel Children of the Miracle Explores Racism in a Dark Future

Debut Dystopian Novel Children of the Miracle Explores Racism in a Dark Future

As if pulled straight from the news headlines: an environmental crisis, a viral pandemic, racism, and nationalism underlie this smart new science fiction novel from debut indie author Daniel Weisbeck. 

In a dark future, where the full potential of genetic engineering is unleased, and race is designed, humanity’s ability to accept and tolerate difference is put to the ultimate challenge. Daniel Weisbeck’s debut novel, Children of the Miracle, is a riveting examination of racism, elitism and the ability of humanity to accept those who are different, even when we are the creators of diversity.

‘I started writing Children of the Miracle over two years ago, before the Covid-19 outbreak and Gorge Floyd protests. Themes of tolerance are important to me as an openly gay author. My first book is a look at a possible future where humanity turns to technology for solutions to the problems of disease and tolerance. In Children of the Miracle, diversity is not a matter of birth or evolution but design. Whether a simple change to eye colour or an entirely new species, the ultimate question remains if we can ever build a world without racism. For all the promise and hope technology can offer, it will always be in the hands of humans who are fundamentally flawed,’ – commented Daniel Weisbeck.

Children of the Miracle is a dystopian tale similar to Andrew Niccol’s film Gattaca, exploring the consequences of unconstrained technology on civilisation. The novel explores the dark side of an outwardly perfect world which appears to have solved the issues of human vulnerability to disease by genetically engineering a new species. The new race, part human and part animal, open up more complicated questions around Society’s tolerance for diversity, ultimately questioning our ability to ever overcome racism.

The science fiction novel revolves around a futuristic world where humanity, nearly extinct after a pandemic, lives isolated in three Sanctuary cities across the globe. The story follows Doctor Mercy Perching, who receives a terrifying message from the Sanctuary of Americas. They have discovered a new strain of the FossilFlu virus which could cause a second pandemic and end all life on earth. After one hundred years of isolation, the Sanctuary of Americas invites Mercy to be the first person to enter their city and help find a cure to the disease.

When Mercy arrives, she is shocked to discover the Sanctuary of Americas is a utopian world where they have reclaimed nature and genetically engineered a new species of humans to be immune to the original virus strain. However, the Chimera, part human and part animal, are revealed to Mercy as the host of the virus mutation. And some citizens of the Sanctuary want them eradicated. Mercy finds herself caught in the middle of a political and moral war over the new species, and the cure to the virus is the key to their fate.

‘Children of the Miracle is one book in a series of explorations on how technology reflects human behaviour and often challenges Society to question our ethical and moral codes. I’m currently writing the sequel to Children of the Miracle which will focus on androids becoming human, and whether that is better than a programmed life,’ – said Daniel Weisbeck.

Daniel Weisbeck is an award-winning marketing leader in software and debut author of the new book Children of the Miracle. Drawing on his more than two decades of work in software and human interaction with technology, Daniel’s insights into the possibilities and pitfalls of a technology-driven future brings a unique and authentic voice to his debut science fiction thriller. A native US citizen, Daniel now lives in England with his partner and three dogs, envisioning and writing about a future where technology will inevitably become a force for both good and evil.

Children of the Miracle is out now on Amazon globally. Visit for more information. 

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