‘Sensational Six’ Celebrate Viral TikTok Video And Launch Brand Partnerships To Secure Major Deals

Thomson, GA – The Sensational Six, a group of six women from Georgia, proudly celebrate 3.4 million views of their recent TikTok video and announce their interest to secure prominent brand partnerships. The viral video from April 2020 displays the group participating in the “Something New” TikTok challenge, and it has since been viewed by millions and drawn comments from thousands across multiple social media platforms. Due to this high engagement, Sensational Six welcomes brands to partner with them and sponsor future videos, including Mad Dog 20/20, a popular alcoholic beverage that appeared in their viral video, which has earned brand awareness through the group’s viral creation.

“Although we are facing a global pandemic, we thought it would be a great idea to participate in the ‘Something New’ challenge and it took on a whole new meaning for us,” said the Sensational Six. “Ironically after going viral, we are seizing the moment and are now on the verge of something new – new perspectives, business ventures, and opportunities. Now is the time to invent, experiment, take risks, make mistakes, and have fun!”

TikTok is a social media platform known for its user challenges, such as the “Something New” challenge. TikTok has more than 800 million active accounts and has launched successful businesses for users — a goal for the Sensational Six. For instance, according to TikTok,  popular user Tabitha Brown signed with talent agency CAA after amassing 1.7 million followers from her cooking videos and is likely to garner multiple brand partnerships.

The Sensational Six’s viral video and response can be viewed on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.


The Sensational Six is a group of six women including Rachel Howard, Agnes Howard, Faye Brown, LaKasha Ballard, Rita Moore, and Monique Shorty. In 2020, they reached more than 3.4 million video views by participating in the “Something New” challenge on TikTok. Their mission is to establish a memorable brand and partnerships that encourage others to recognize their ability to create new opportunities, take risks, capitalize on their interests to improve their circumstances, enlarge their territory, and own the space they live in today.

For more information about the Sensational Six visit, www.thesensationalsix.net.

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