Why Large Enterprises Rely Heavily on Workpuls to Improve Productivity

Global industry leaders point to the Workpuls company monitoring software’s advanced multi-level analytics capabilities as the main building block for optimizing and scaling intricate business processes.

San Francisco, California, USA – Workpuls, top-of-the-line employee monitoring software and business analytics tool, is proud to announce a sharp shift toward the large enterprise clientele.

Keeping in line with their ever-increasing need for a 360-view of employee productivity – on the company, team, and individual level – Workpuls has continuously been working on complementing its offerings with new and innovative on-premise and cloud-based employee monitoring solution features.

The result is best-in-the-industry software that can be hosted on local-network infrastructure or deployed in Google’s cloud-based environment with a particular emphasis on the premier user information security, database control, and insight usability.

As big enterprises rely upon gathering in-depth relevant information pertaining to successful business management, Workpuls’ employee computer monitoring software offers a safe environment and unique insights that facilitate the process significantly.

“All successful companies are constantly looking for new ways to optimize their processes and work as effectively as possible no matter their size. But, we’ve found that the bigger the company the more complex the information they need.

“More often than not, they aim to integrate the data from Workpuls into their own systems, which can be done using Workpuls’ API that comes with extensive related documentation.

“This means that they’re not interested in the most basic computer monitoring software or a glorified punch card system. What they require is data in the context of their own internal infrastructure that allows for deep and comprehensive workforce productivity analytics and advanced business intelligence”, says Workpuls CEO Ivan Petrovic.

With Workpuls’ AI-based employee computer monitoring software, client companies at their disposal have access to invaluable insights into all aspects of internal and external workflows, procedures, and professional employee behavior. This is a particularly valuable point for companies going remote and having trouble finding their footing in this new environment.

This, in turn, makes it possible for them to acquire a wholesome picture of their current process efficiency, potential areas for improvement, and ultimately, defining and achieving future business goals.

About Workpuls

Workpuls is employee monitoring software instrumental in gathering workflow information of the highest importance for business process optimization.

More than a simple productivity monitoring software, its business analytics abilities have made it indispensable for large companies that require consistent operation overview in order to scale.

Making use of the information acquired via Workpuls’ secure cloud and on-premise employee monitoring software, businesses are able to easily identify bottlenecks, boost productivity, and ensure constant company growth.

For more information, visit www.workpuls.com.

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