Genoplan DNA Testing Provides Personalized Analysis for Health, Beauty

Seoul, South Korea – Jun 30, 2020 – DNA tests are popular for genealogy research and Genoplan has expanded on DNA testing for the good of society. Over 500 genetic analysis reports are available to help people manage their health and live a better lifestyle.

The home DNA collection solution can assist people learn how to manage their weight more effectively, determine their predisposition toward cancer, and even ascertain their susceptibility to developing dementia. Genoplan provides clients with easy to understand reports that include an overview, detailed analysis, and genotype information.

All information remains completely confidential and data is managed under strict cyber risk protocols. Genoplan adheres to the highest international standards for quality management and is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. The laboratory is also Illumine Propel certified, indicating it has demonstrated proficiency with next-generation sequencing systems that support genetic and genomic research.

The user-friendly DNA test is simple to use. Individuals register, collect a saliva specimen, and return the sample. Genoplan utilizes science-based analysis procedures and results are verified by AI to provide a personalized report. Automated analysis is implemented for reports with a 0 percent error rate, combined with customized microarray chips for precise results.

Genoplan focuses on the health and beauty aspect of DNA testing and as people become more health conscious, the company’s services are an indispensable tool to help individuals address potential disease and health conditions before they arise. The result will be a healthier population and the potential to significantly reduce healthcare costs.

On the beauty front, the same DNA testing enables cosmetics and skincare products to be formulated that are highly customized to address individual needs at the molecular level. The testing can provide essential insights into the aging process and enable individuals to prevent problems before they occur with specific products.

The unique health and beauty DNA testing provided by Genoplan offers an easy way for individuals to take control and manage health and beauty needs by discovering their predisposition to specific concerns and conditions. Genoplan testing represents the future of customized health and beauty care to live a better life.

Today Genoplan has expanded around the Asia Pacific region, with four locations in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore and offers enterprise partners a customized solution to enhance their CRM capabilities in addition to genetic analysis services.

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Genoplan provides customized products and services using biotechnology (BT) and information technology (IT). Genoplan is leading the way in creating a world where everyone can access and use their genetic information.

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