World’s First Electric Toilet Brush With Self-Cleaning

Why would you come up with this idea?

We are specializes in household appliances, like electric cleaning brushes.I do remember SARS in 2003, an residence in Hong Kong caused the virus to spread due to building structural problems. Even though, we can’t solve the structural problems. But we switch focus to the toilet brush thanks to our tech advantages.

The traditional toilet brush relies on manual operation, whose cleaning efficiency is very low. Another-thing it is very easy to drip after use easily to mixed up with dirt and bacteria, which will cause secondary pollution. We’ve done a lot structural innovations from traditional toilet brushes, that’s the intelligent UVC toilet brush we are seen now.

Reporter:Why GOOD PAPA Brush better than the traditional toilet brushes?

First of all, Good Papa is smart toilet brush, using the principle of electric toothbrush rotation cleaning. With a DC motor, the rotation speed reaches 300 revolutions per minute. The cleaning effect will be more obviously combined with toilet cleaner,because the rotating brush head can make the foam richer. The toilet can be cleaned in 5 minutes. In addition, the calcium compound on the surface of the toilet is difficult to remove. By using the creative 3N.m torque gearbox Good Papa owned more power not only do the surface cleaning but also do the deep cleaning

Secondly, toilet brush has always been a severely polluted part of the home. The biggest problem with the traditional brush is that the brush head is easily mixed up with dirt and bacteria after use. It is difficult to clean and will breed bacteria.

The traditional brush is made of PP material, different with them we choose TPR a kind of material with advantages of non-staining and fast draining. On another hand the PP brush is very easy damage the toilet surface due to the hard material. worst thing is huge difficult to remove the wastage enwound on brush it may produce virus & peculiar smell. We adjust the TPR to a suitable soft, it can clean the toilet faster & cleaning meanwhile solve the issues of drip dirty water.

Most importantly, we use UVC to release ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 270-285nm and cover the full brush head. Just one button to switch to the sterilization mode. The intimate delay of UVC is set at 3 seconds, fully considering users’ safety.

Of course, there are other design innovations. For example: the three-dimensional air duct design, plus the 10mm interval of the TPR bristle, to ensure air flow and avoid bacteria breeding.

Finally, we also made some improvements during the internal test of the product.

Q: Is it safe to charge the toilet brush?

A: Handle IPX4 / brush head IPX7waterproof, no matter how wet it gets, and in a way that is 100% secure for you, as its user.

Q: Do you need to charge frequently?

A: Good Papa can work for 1.5 hours non-stop. However, it’s more likely that you will only use it for 5 minutes each time every 5 days. In that case, Good Papa’s 2000mAh lithium battery can stay charged and work for 3 months until the next charging cycle is required. 

Q: Is it too heavy to use so many devices on the handle?

A: Weighing only 380g, Good Papa is lightweight and comfortable to use. In addition, it is 10cm longer than the traditional toilet brush, so it is easier to reach the toilet without bending.

Q: Is the brush head durable? Can it be replaced?

A: The TPR material of brush head is replaceable and has good wear resistance. According to the laboratory aging tests, it can be normally used for 2 years. So no need for regular replacement it.

Reporter: Thank you for the detailed explanation from the founder of Goodpapa

The Good Papa Smart Toilet Brush campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $1,290 to fund the large-scale production of the device which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

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