Most Individuals Do Not Realize The Need For A Great Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately

When detained for any type of criminal charges a great criminal defense attorney is needed.

Although most individuals will not experience any type of arrest or detainment in their entire lives, this can happen, and happen without any warning to some. The initial reaction is to start trying to “explain” an issue away immediately. Even when NOT even remotely guilty. And talking to any enforcement agent, either state or local police, can make the situation escalate quickly, and not in the favor of the person being detained.

The Miranda Rights Law protects all citizens from self-incrimination.

Self-incrimination provides protection from implicating oneself in a crime. However, many individuals know nothing of it even though it is a requirement that this be read by any enforcement officer. From violent offenses, to simple DUI (Driving Under the Influence), Attorney William Bruce Shepley has been providing criminal defense services to Oregonians since 1984. DUI can occur while driving under the influence of any alcohol or drugs, even prescription drugs. With his office in Portland, Oregon, his wealth of experience and knowledge has solved many legal quandaries concerning DUIs, major criminal charges, domestic violence cases, drug crimes, and even expungements. Attorney Shepley has over forty years of criminal defense law under his “legal belt.”

Not all states carry the same penalties for all infractions.

Oregon DUI laws are rather strict, and multiple DUIs can lead up to criminal penalties being imposed. Expungements are complex issues in the field of criminal law. Any time an arrest is made, especially if a defendant is found guilty in a court of law, every aspect of life can be affected, as records of the arrest and conviction remain. This usually affects employment opportunities, sometimes voting privileges, and even family relationships, or the ability to make relationships with others. Arrest and conviction records can really wreak havoc on someone’s life. The type of criminal conviction and state where a person resides can also have an impact. Expungement is not something most individuals who have been arrested and convicted are even aware exists. It is merely “wiping” a record clean and allowing an individual to more effectively make a fresh start when released from custody. 

The best advice and the most experience should be sought in any type of criminal law attorney.

Any attorney will advise that a good criminal law attorney is the best choice immediately and should also be called as soon as possible. Even if a criminal law attorney is not known by a defendant, any lawyer should be called whenever an arrest or detainment occurs. A referral can then be made to an attorney like William Bruce Shepley, who can take over and ensure that all a defendant’s rights are preserved and that the judicial process is just and is procedurally correct. Of course, this will always be an emotional experience for anyone. However, with an Attorney like William Bruce Shepley, justice will be served more expeditiously.

About Attorney William Bruce Shepley

With over forty years in criminal defense law, Attorney Shepley provides all types of representation from simple DUI to more serious charges. His website,, has a list of all his services. Located in Oregon City, outside metropolitan Portland, Oregon, he has a blog for information on legal issues, a form for immediate contact, a phone and an email address. Initial consultations are free. His focus is on empathy and expediency in all criminal cases, and he works tirelessly to ensure that his clients can put their lives back together after any type of arrest, detention, or conviction. His main goal is to restore those that have been arrested, convicted or detained to their lives before the criminal justice issues erupted. An FAQ also exists to educate others. 

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