Family Law Is One of the Most Emotionally Fraught and Intense Types of Law to Practice

Family law encompasses many avenues of the law.  Child support, child custody, divorce, and even estate planning, guardianship and adoption, are part and parcel of any successful family law attorney such as Mary Ann Beaty, of Dallas, Texas.  Attorney Beaty has over forty years of professional law experience and brings both empathy and knowledge to the processes of all types of family law.  Attorney Beaty is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable, which are all necessary qualities in the field of family law.

A great family law attorney must know both Federal laws and specific State laws. 

Especially in the areas of divorce and child custody, the state of Texas has specific requirements.  These are spelled out and an attorney practicing in Texas must be aware of all these requirements.  In addition, Federal laws also exist, so family law is much more complex than most individuals realize, and any attorney should be chosen carefully.  Although most divorce, child custody and support are decided based upon state laws, complex situations where constitutional rights and parental kidnappings by non-custodial parents do occur and these types of situations do take a very thorough knowledge of the law by an attorney. 

Included in the knowledge base and experience of any family law attorney should be estate planning.

The field of family law is not limited to divorce, custody, or child support issues.  It can and oftentimes does encompass estate planning.  Estate planning should be a concern for all individuals, as although many individuals do not like to face the fact, everyone becomes deceased at some point, and without any estate planning a myriad of problems can be left behind for any survivors of the deceased.  Even younger individuals can benefit from estate planning as if tragedy strikes, financial problems and the division of property and assets among survivors can become entangled in a mass of legalities.  Guardianship issues may even arise following the death or deaths of younger individuals who have dependent children.   These issues can also arise with the care of disabled adults.

Guardianship issues can also occur when parents are deemed incapable of raising a child correctly.

Rather intense situations can occur with regards to guardianship.  Usually someone inside the family knows of situations where a child is not being treated correctly or where social welfare organizations intervene.  Guardianship then is sought by other members of a family such as grandparents or siblings, etc., of the natural parents.  These are extremely difficult and emotionally fraught cases and only the best possible attorney should be used.  Negotiations are generally the first step, but cases can be unresolved and need intervention by a family court judge.  The choice of attorney then becomes even more important.  Overall, with all the complexities of family law, the best choice of attorney should always be the priority. 

About Attorney Mary Ann Beaty

Attorney Mary Ann Beaty located in Dallas serves the North Texas area in the field of all types of family law.  She has forty years of professional experience and a long line of certifications and licensing.  Her work is focused on empathy and knowledge. The focus on family law includes custody, divorce, child support and even estate planning and adoption issues if necessary.   

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