Cybersecurity Is Vital for Businesses to Run Smoothly

Cybersecurity Is Vital for Businesses to Run Smoothly

Technology has connected the world, and created opportunities only dreamed of just a few decades ago. However, the same processes that allow information to flow around the globe quickly and freely also make it more challenging to guard sensitive data. As a result, many Baton Rouge, LA companies now depend on third party specialists to design custom security solutions. These experts offer scalable protection that ensures data is protected from attacks or system failures.   

What Cyber Security Means

Cybersecurity means protecting business data and IT systems from threats like espionage, vandalism, sabotage, or computer-assisted fraud. The need to guard personal information and data is driven by the increased use of cloud services and global connectivity. Poorly configured cloud services and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals pose a threat to sensitive data. With these needs in mind, technology professionals like Venyu have developed scalable services that offer companies ongoing protection against cyber threats.

Why Cyber Security Has Become Crucial 

Each year billions of new devices connect to the Internet, and many are not secure. The trend has created a quickly evolving threat, with ever-increasing stakes. According to Business Insider, cybercrime caused $50 billion of damage to the economy in 2016, a number that is projected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Industry experts estimate that 10.5 million records are stolen every month.   

Lloyds of London estimates that a single large scale cyber attack could be the trigger for $53 billion in losses. Fortunately, cybersecurity specialists can protect businesses against devastating cyber attacks. With these issues in mind, many Baton Rouge companies reach out to cybersecurity professionals via sites like

How Managed Security Benefits Businesses 

In the Internet’s early days, most companies relied on in-house IT staff to manage all technology needs, including security. Per Forbes, increased cybercrime, coupled with a lack of specially trained cybersecurity professionals, has resulted in a gap that leaves many companies vulnerable. Many resolve the issue by outsourcing security after contacting third-party cybersecurity professionals through sites like  

Cybersecurity specialists assess each company’s needs and design protections that prevent unauthorized access to data and networks. They can improve business continuity management and information security as well as ensure companies recover more quickly if there is a security breach. 

Security Specialists Offer Diverse Solutions 

Experts who provide cybersecurity offer end-to-end, scalable solutions for businesses of every size. Security professionals provide custom solutions with clients’ budgets in mind.  

Third-party cybersecurity firms create unique data protection programs that include backup, and backup plus cloud recovery. The programs allow businesses to recover their entire IT infrastructures in a few hours.  

Security specialists can secure multiple locations, provide next-generation firewall options, and ensure that clients meet industry security measures and regulations. Dedicated technicians also make sure that companies remain up-to-date, no matter how rapidly their environments evolve.  

Increased cybercrime, coupled with a lack of skilled cybersecurity professionals, has created a gap that is being filled by technology firms specializing in cybersecurity. Millions of businesses now depend on third-party experts for custom solutions. Security personnel protects companies from cyberattacks, ensure data is backed up, and provide fast recovery options if security is breached.

Beginning as a Louisiana consulting firm, Venyu is a leading technology solutions provider. The company’s tech-savvy team designs custom cybersecurity solutions for businesses. Cybersecurity experts source, implement, and manage entire IT ecosystems that include data backup and fast disaster recovery options. 

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