Luxvoni Marketing Solutions Celebrates Unprecedented Success with Revenue Driven Marketing

Luxvoni Marketing Solutions Celebrates Unprecedented Success with Revenue Driven Marketing
Company grossed over 8-figures this year, with a net profit of $3.4 million.

Las Vegas, NV – Luxvoni Marketing Solutions is pleased to announce it is celebrating unprecedented success this year as a result of their exceptional industry reputation.

Founded in 2015, Luxvoni Marketing Solutions is a creative marketing solutions company with headquarters in both New York City and Las Vegas.  The company has gained a reputation for exceptional creativity and tailormade marketing services that help business owners to increase their revenue, grab more market share, and market their businesses in a measurable, trackable, and predictable way.

“Since inception just a few years ago, we have experienced unprecedented growth in the marketing industry,” says Dakota Burford, CEO of Luxvoni Marketing Solutions.  “We are very specific about the clients we work with, so it has been highly rewarding to see our efforts pay off in such and incredible way.”

With a team of over 40 marketing and business professionals, Luxvoni Marketing Solutions provides clients with a combination of various experiences and expertise.  Some of the company’s valuable services include:

• High Converting Sales Funnels

• Advanced Copywriting

• Email Marketing and Email Automation

• Omnipresence Cross-Pollinating Facebook Ads

• Traffic Re-targeting

• Traffic Recycling


• Google Ad Words

• Paid Social Media Strategy

• Expansion and Scalability

As a result of their comprehensive services, stellar team of professionals, and unparalleled knowledge and experience in the industry, Luxvoni Marketing Solutions has naturally led the company to build an enviable list of high-profile clients:

Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street

Rick Hendricks, Founder of Hendricks Automotive Group

Bill Shack, Founding President Of The National Association of Minority Auto Dealers

Christoper Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Local

Gregory Peters, Founder and CEO of BetterPT

And many more fortune 500 companies and celebrity entrepreneurs.

“Since we only work with businesses we believe in, we are able to spend a great deal of time working with each client,” states Burford.  “As a result of our approach, we have found that 90% of our work comes from referrals.  With the profit margins we’ve realized this year, it is clear we have taken the most effective approach for both us and our clients.”

To further assist businesses in reaching their full potential, Luxvoni Marketing Solutions is providing readers with a free webinar.  This comprehensive training web class is available immediately for business owners to see how others are increasing their revenues by 2x, 3x, and even 4x.

“Our webinar provides key secrets to generate clients and automate your business,” says Burford.  “We’ve had a great deal of positive feedback about the program and look forward to sharing our information with others.”

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Luxvoni Marketing Solutions works tirelessly to ensure exceptional quality and thought goes into every project. The company’s tailormade services are built around clients’ individual needs and are designed to get businesses caught up with the modern world.

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