Top Plugins for Online Store in WooCommerce

Either you are having a wooCommerce online store or if you are building a wooCommerce store, you have to know about the amazing WooCommerce plugins that makes your life easy. 

Plugins are much useful when you build your store. Because They let you add new useful features that help you to develop your online store. But These plugins do not ship with the WooCommerce raw version.

There are so many 100%  free and premium wooCommerce plugins out there. But unfortunately, all the plugins are not useful as much.

Now the question is how do you find the best plugins that suit your business?

In this article we are going to find out 5 useful plugins that grow your online business easily.

1. Product Addons for Woocommerce

The WooCommerce product addons plugin is one of the best plugins that help to customize your product pages. This is ligh-tweight and gives a fast user experience. Using this you can add customized fields to your WooCommerce product page very easily.

This plugin is much famous for sellers, who want to add extra product options. Not only that this also helps to collect more details from the users like, notes from the customer, dates, color, etc.

This is a free plugin that gives many useful options for your store. 

This has basic features like normal text input field convert in to collect text data, An HTML5 number input field convert in to accept numbers, selecting one option using multiple choices, Checkbox Style selection, A drop-down list and etc. There is also a premium plugin of this named Woocommerce product options which has even more advanced features. 

2. Checkout Field Editor and Manager for WooCommerce

Using the Woocommerce checkout field editor plugin you can customize the checkout fields and also you can change the default format of the WooCommerce checkout fields.This drag and drop form builder helps editing checkout fields easily.

This plugin contains the features such as, edit the default woocommerce checkout fields, add new fields to checkout page,drag and adjust the fields position, hide the default WooCommerce checkout fields, It can Enable or Disable WooCommerce checkout fields, Checkout fields filled by customer can be view on order details etc. The premium option of this plugin is called Woocommerce checkout manager which comes with many advanced features and a great UX based backend.

3. Dynamic Pricing With Discount Rules for WooCommerce

This plugin, known as Woocommerce dynamic pricing, is one of the most useful plugins in the list. This will help you to add bulk discounts to WooCommerce products quickly. If you are close to some functional season like Christmas you will find the usability of this kind of plugin.

Because of the UX design of this plugin, you will have an effort-less and fun experience while applying discounts or setting discount rules to your store.

In the discount rules form, you can add any name of your choice. And you can add discount labels to your products. This will influence customers to buy products in your store. And their futures like add priority to your discount rules, Discount type selection function, and Discount value selection function like a percentage. 

4. LiveChat

LiveChat is something you should include in your online shopping store. It has found out that more than 67% of customers abandon their carts before purchase. The reason behind this is that sellers fail to answer customers’ questions instantly. Live chat not only increases your sales but also it will bond trust to your store with the customers.

In the WooCommerce plugin market, you can find out various kinds of live chat plugins. Among them, LiveChat is the best live chat support software that has tons of features.

This plugin is easy to add and with this, you can answer the customers’ queries instantly.This live chat helps you to convert your store users into customers before they abandon thor carts. And this plugin works with Google Analytics, CRM software, and with all top email marketing tools. 

5. MonsterInsights

Good analytics can fire up your sales quickly.This is because with the correct analytics details you can make correct decisions regarding your store. To get correct details you need to have a powerful tool to analyze everything in your store.

MonsterInsights is named as the most famous Google Analytics plugin for WooCommerce. It gives you an amplified eCommerce data analytics report to track your store details.

If you are a beginner you will feel that Google Analytics reports are hard to understand. With the MonsterInsights you will get an easy understanding of your data. And I had a nice dashboard to show all the required information inside the WordPress. This will help you to make data driven decisions to build the perfect store.

With MonsterInsights it’s easy to find the popular products in your store and with that you can get some decisions to improve your store. Tracking your users and giving a personalized experience is also a one of the great features in this pugin.

With the WooCommerce plugins you can give enormous experience to your store users. And if you use the correct plugin you can convert your user into a customer very easily. 

What do you think? Are you using these plugins?


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