Behavioral Economist Partners with ProHabits to Release ‘The Inclusion Habit’: An Evidence-Based Solution For Inclusive Workplaces

Behavioral Economist Partners with ProHabits to Release ‘The Inclusion Habit’: An Evidence-Based Solution For Inclusive Workplaces
Dr. Amanda Felkey, a behavioral economist passionate about inclusion, and ProHabits, a software company devoted to positive behavior change, are offering a free evidence-based inclusion program.

Dr. Amanda Felkey, a behavioral economist and inclusion expert, and ProHabits, a Learning & Development software company, are announcing the launch of The Inclusion Habit: an evidence-based learning solution helping workplaces become more inclusive. To ensure that all organizations have access to the best inclusion tools, they are offering The Inclusion Habit free to all.

Adam Fridman, Founder and CEO of ProHabits, commenting on the pressing need for inclusion in the workplace stated: “We’re in a turbulent time for businesses. As injustices are coming to light in an unprecedented way, organizations are scrambling to ensure that they’re part of the solution — not the problem.” 

To address these mounting inclusion challenges, Dr. Amanda Felkey created The Inclusion Habit. Felkey said “Because of the way we learn, policies and programming meant to foster inclusion are ineffective and potentially degrade inclusive behavior. Individual behavior change and creating new inclusive habits is the key to making meaningful system-wide change.”

Speaking on the partnership, Adam Fridman said, “The Inclusion Habit offers an effective way for organizations to strengthen the habits that foster inclusion.”

The Inclusion Habit addresses inclusion by breaking it down into daily two-minute daily actions known as “MicroActions”. To accomplish this, participants are taken through a six-step habit-forming process in which they:

  1. Embrace the importance of inclusion.

  2. Uncover biases and their sources. 

  3. Disperse the negativity associated with unconscious biases. 

  4. Practice deliberate thinking.  

  5. Reprogram incorrect intuitions about others. 

  6. Foster empathy.

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About Felkey:

Dr. Amanda J Felkey has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Economics from Cornell University, a BA in Economics from Carleton College and a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from eCornell. She has authored award-winning publications, is actively researching unconscious bias, has 20 years of experience in decision-making research, and 15 years of experience in curriculum design. Felkey is currently a Professor of Economics at Lake Forest College where she is Chair of the Department of Economics, Business and Finance and Chair of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program.

About ProHabits:

ProHabits is a learning & development software company focused on helping humans grow at work. By offering daily bite-sized activities, ProHabits’s interactive learning platform provides people the opportunity to align their personal growth with organizational goals. Over the past few years, ProHabits has amassed hundreds of thousands of daily commitments to take action.

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