Robert Fried Offers Expert Divorce and Family Law Legal Services

Robert Fried’s legal expertise in family law has made him a trusted attorney for families in the Hartford area. In addition to offering professional services such as finalizing divorces, properly dividing assets between divorcing individuals, and assisting families with legal co-parenting issues, Fried also lectures about a variety of family law subjects. He provides this valuable information to individuals who are considering or filing for divorce, psychologists, and fellow attorneys.

Fried has served as an attorney in Hartford, Middlesex, and New Haven Counties and has been on the executive committee of the Connecticut Bar Association family law section for seven years. Fried understands how important it is for divorcing couples to dissolve their marriages as peacefully as possible. This involves resolving disputes pertaining to custody and implementing early legal intervention to prevent prolonged divorce proceedings.

Before starting his law firm, Robert Fried was a military judge advocate general (JAG) officer for 12 years and offered legal advice to military staff members. This professional experience inspired him to create a law firm that is dedicated to helping people make the best of unfortunate family situations.

Fried offers clients advice and legal counsel concerning spousal and child support. These payments are rendered to a spouse who was previously working in the home to care for the children or reserved for children’s essential needs when parents have different childcare responsibilities due to living in two separate homes. Fried assists families in avoiding divorce litigation and encourages mediation for divorced couples. If a couple who has decided to divorce can talk through their differences and determine who is entitled to what once the marriage is over, this makes the divorce proceedings easier and increases the chances that each party will get the compensation he/she deserves. Mediation also cuts down on arguments and disputes, which can add more stress and emotional strain to a divorce.

Some divorcing couples may also need assistance when it comes to determining custody arrangements. In some cases, it’s best for both parents to have equal custody, which means that the child will likely spend equal amounts of time with each parent. In other situations, one parent will have primary custody and the other parent will have secondary custody. This likely involves a living arrangement in which one parent cares for the children during the week and the other parent takes care of the children on the weekends.

Assets, property, and businesses are also a significant part of many divorces. Couples often aren’t sure how to fairly divide these items once they decide to end their marriage. Robert Fried has years of experience in assisting couples who want to ensure they are receiving fair compensation once the marriage is dissolved. This may involve splitting the profits of a company in half, awarding one spouse the family home in the divorce, or ruling that one spouse deserves valuable family heirlooms.

Potential clients in Hartford are encouraged to contact the Law Offices of Robert Fried to schedule a consultation. Online sessions are also available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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