“MAPS: Mystery, Adventure, Poetry, and Suspense” Brings Together Fun, Adventure and Romance along with New Social Awakenings

"MAPS: Mystery, Adventure, Poetry, and Suspense" Brings Together Fun, Adventure and Romance along with New Social Awakenings

July 03, 2020 Poetry, a journey into the brain, and stories that address social issues like domestic violence, all of this and more is part of author Carolyn Croop’s novel, “Maps: Mystery, Adventure, Poetry, Suspense.” The book packs much more interesting stuff than what’s in the title, making for hours of entertaining and educational read.

‘MAPS’ is a unique work of literature in many ways. There are short stories on domestic violence (“The Witness”) and heartache, and tales told in lyrical prose. The reader also learns to identify important areas of the brain as described in ‘Journey of the Mind,’ and explores the ‘Secret Vampire Society.’ There is a cross-country adventure (‘Mirrors of Me’), a ride in the ghost train in ‘The Promise,’ deep poetry, and romance.

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Do youwant to have a day or an evening of good reading? This is the book for you. I can hardly wait for the author, Carolyn Croop, to come out with another book. I assure you that this is one book that you don’t want to pass up,” says one reader review.

‘MAPS’ addresses a niche audience, the new adult women. For them, the book shares a core message: life is a mystery. Anything may happen to anyone at any time. Most of the main characters that Carolyn writes about tend to be women, though she does not keep a target audience in mind while she is writing. 

Carolyn relaunched her writing journey in 2014 in the form of poetry and short stories. Her first novel, ‘A Mystery on Grey Street’ published in 2020, derives from the short story ‘The Promise’ included in ‘MAPS.’ The second part of ‘The Witness’ can be read in her another book, ‘GPS: Great Poems and Stories’ published this year. 

Maps: Mystery, Adventure, Poetry, Suspense” by Carolyn Croop is available from Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions.


Raised in Upstate New York, Carolyn Croop was on the swim team at the YMCA and won the bronze medal in diving at a Western New York competition. Carolyn began writing poetry at age twenty-one for two years and set it aside to focus on motherhood and her prior career at Eastman Kodak Company. She holds an Associate of Applied Sciences in liberal arts degree from Monroe Community College. As a single mother who raised three children with the help of family and friends. Carolyn is a member of the Global Society of Empowered Women, a former volunteer for the United Way of Greater Rochester, and a former member of the board of directors for the YMCA.

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