SKUT Shop announces the launch of their affiliate program

Revolutionary fashion brand, SKUT Shop, launches The SKUTFILIATE program and NBA themed basketball shorts to promote the use of fashion as a tool of expression

SKUT Shop has announced the launch of The SKUTFILIATE program. The SKUTFILIATE program move is in line with the brand’s goal of spreading the principles of Wealth, Prosperity, and Fortune as far as possible. The innovative fashion brand has also launched a new collection of shorts inspired by NBA shorts, called Blacktop SKUT Shorts. The launch of The SKUTFILIATE program and Blacktop SKUT Shorts collection will not only help promote the SKUT brand but also ensures that more people can stay clothed without giving up their identity.

The fashion world has evolved over the years, with brands across the globe struggling to meet the increasing demand of customers. According to a report by Statista, the global apparel market is projected to grow in value from 1.3 trillion U.S. dollars in 2015 to about 1.5 trillion dollars in 2020. This is an indication of a rise in the demand for clothing and shoes across the globe. However, not too many brands have been able to effectively combine style with affordability while allowing fashionistas to express themselves. This is where SKUT Shop has been able to make a difference in recent times.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the NBA” said Justin Agustin, “so I couldn’t wait to design our own version: Blacktop SKUT Shorts.”

Founded by Justin “JAYGUST” Agustin, Jordan “SMOKE” Jones, and Deshon Tuck, the brand aims to disrupt the status quo in the fashion industry by providing fashion pieces that inspire people to reach higher levels of consciousness. The newest addition to the SKUT family, the Blacktop SKUT Shorts, which is currently available for pre-order, has already started to receive accolades from different quarters.

We’ve already had a lot of people pre-order,” said Jordan Jones, one of the brand’s founders. “I think we’re going to turn a corner with these shorts,” Jordan continued.

The recently launched SKUTFILIATE program – will help spread awareness about the brand and their principles. Affiliates get paid commission for all sales generated and receive free clothing. Other benefits of the program include EXCLUSIVE SKUTFILIATE DISCOUNT to be shared with loved ones, PROMO on all SKUT social media platforms, and EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE that can be shared with followers.

SKUT Shop currently offers a wide range of products across different categories, including hats, bottoms, and hats.

For more information about the new Blacktop SKUT Shorts collection and the affiliate program, please visit – SKUT Shop also has a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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