NHU contributes to green and sustainable development

In the past 50 years, human beings have changed the earth more than the previous 2,00,000 years, and that has unfortunately brought environmental issues an urgent topic and challenge ahead of human community To make a sustainable development, NHU advocates the environmental protection concept of “green development”, introduces the concept of green chemistry, develops and produces more environmentally friendly products to realizes the harmonious development of human and nature.

1. Recycling of resources

Municipal solid waste is one of the serious public hazards in the world. In order to seek long-term development, people began to pursue classification and recycling, and maximize the role of products. NHU integrates the concept of circular economy into every link of production technology and pays attention to the recycling in the industrial chain. We pursue the new concept of “zero waste”, that is, there is no useless substance in nature as long as we applied it in a right way.

That is the concept of resource conservation and recycling that NHU always adheres to in the process of its development.

2. Energy saving

Energy saving is not only a fashion, but also a necessary choice for people. Based on the research and development of polymerization process and modification application of high-performance resin, NHU provides material support for vehicle lightweight. PPS resin material helps to build lighter, safer and more environmentally friendly vehicles. Without reducing the strength of the car body, the density of the new composite material is about 1/5 of that of stainless steel and other metal materials, and the fuel can be saved by 5% for every 10% weight reduction of the car body.

3. Emission reduction

It is hard to imagine that animal husbandry and its by-products account for 65% of the total nitrous oxide emissions, while the global warming effect of fluorous oxide is 296 times that of carbon dioxide, and it can stay in the atmosphere for 150 years.

NHU advocates adding appropriate amount of methionine to livestock feed, reducing crude protein level, significantly reducing nitrogen excretion without reducing animal production performance, and effectively improving the breeding environment. According to the research, when amino acid mixture is added to the feed, without other beans or rapeseed, the greenhouse effect coefficient of off home breeding will be reduced by 27; for pig breeding, the coefficient will be reduced by 13.

These are just some of the efforts made by NHU for ecological protection and sustainable development. Human beings have only one earth, resources are not renewable, and the harmonious relationship between all parties and the environment is the basis of sustainable development of human society. NHU holds the nature in awe, starting from the concept of “green chemistry and responsibility care”, and actively explore the way of balance between “enterprise and nature, industry and resources”.

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