5 Top Tips to Maintain a Custom Water Feature in People’s Offices

Installing an indoor water feature for your office was a smart decision.It does provide an office with an air of class while creating a relaxed environment for the staff and visitors – mostly customers. A custom water feature is a rare opportunity to make your office stand out while deploying a center point which offers unmatched elegance and class. Midwest Tropical water features for offices are distinctive in their designs and styles and can be accommodated in all businesses irrespective of nature and size. There’s something for everyone, for a customized, personalized, and an individualized experience.

Having an indoor water feature is a one-time investment that requires thoughtful maintenance. Regular maintenance can, however, last several decades. Maintaining a water feature is not a complex task, and when done regularly, this would be one decision your future self will be grateful for. Here are some key tips on how you can keep your water feature running smoothly:

  • Keep the fountain pump fully submerged in water: it will take a few days after installation to see how much water your feature requires. That depends on the climate and the size of your indoor water feature.
  • Clean pump regularly to avoid debris and build-up: Midwest Tropical water features are convenient to clean so that there’s no excessive build-up on the pump. Simply remove the pump and clean it with a sponge inside and out. Use a toothbrush to scrub small and hard to reach surfaces.
  • Keep your water features running 24/7: there are a couple of reasons for this great tip. Firstly, it increases your pump’s longevity since it’s not being turned on and off again and again. Secondly, the water stays cleaner since stagnant water can develop debris and build up more of it much quicker.
  • Use distilled water: using distilled water avoids algae build-up in your indoor water fountain. However, you can also use various water feature products that enhance the function of your fountain by eliminating any sort of white scale build-up.
  • Clean your water fountain consistently: your water fountain is most certainly a prized possession that people marvel at each time they come to your office. So keeping it in top shape is a priority. Midwest Tropical water features are easy to clean simply by emptying them and wiping with a cloth or a sponge. Your water fountain will retain its original shine and beauty the same as the day it was installed!

A quality water feature like those by Midwest Tropical has so much more to offer than aesthetic value. That’s why it’s crucial to maintain its visual beauty so it can continue to offer its many benefits that contribute to its success. Its soothing and calming effect has proven to promote productivity and alleviate stress hence making all employees and staff perform optimally. It may not seem like the obvious choice when deciding on office design, but it can go a long way to making your office the hub of high-yielding results.

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