Chinhan F&B Sausage, sweeps medals ‘2019 Germany IFFA Meat, Processed Meat Expo’ Won 17 medals including 7 gold, the first and the most by Asian company

Chinhan F&B Sausage, sweeps medals '2019 Germany IFFA Meat, Processed Meat Expo’ Won 17 medals including 7 gold, the first and the most by Asian company

Sausage that had been processed and developed using local produces such as Imsil N Cheese from Imsil Province of Jeonbuk, has been recognized for its top quality in global stage.

On 17th, Imsil Province has announced that local food processor, Chinhan F&B Co., Ltd. (Seung Gwan Chung, President) entered ‘2019 Germany IFFA Meat, Processed Meat Expo’ for the first time and won 17 medals which is the first and the most by an Asian company.

Germany IFFA Expo is the world’s largest meat, processed meat industry trade show which takes place every 3 years. It is the most prestigious international competition that showcases the latest products and equipment for food industry process from production, packaging and to sales.

This year, 1,036 companies from 49 countries entered the competition and had a great success by having 142 countries participate.

In this year’s competition, Chinhan F&B Co., Ltd. has participated in 3 areas of Bierschinken (ham with chunks), Fleischchinken (lean meat ham) and Wurstchen (Vienna Sausage) out of 5 total areas, and submitted 22 products, which resulted in great enthusiasm with 7 gold medals, 7 silver medals and 3 bronze medals

Also, it has won Special Prize trophy and its quality has been recognized in an international competition.

In the awards, new products incorporating local produces of Imsil Province such as Imsil Clear Chicken Breast Fleisch Sausage, Imsil Plum Sausage, Imsil Clear Sausage and more have shows great potentials with gold medals.

For silver medals, 7 products including Imsil Cheese Red Bean Paste Fleisch Sausage, Imsil Halloumi Cheese Sausage, Imsil Plum Bierschinken, Imsil Cheese Red Bean Paste Sausage and more won the medals. 3 products including Imsil Halloumi Cheese Bierschinken and more have honor of winning bronze medals.

In this expo, for the strict evaluation, 100 judges evaluated color, taste, texture, etc. and gave the best nod to Chinhan F&B Co., Ltd. as the best in Asia.

Chinhan F&B Co., Ltd. is a company producing handmade sausage containing 10% of Imsil N Cheese, and it received patent for cheese sausage for roasting. It has multiple resellers such as Market Kurly and it is a company that has been permitted to use Imsil N Cheese brand.

President Chung of Chinhan F&B has said that it was a great opportunity to experience various handmade processed meat products through an international meat expo and he is proud of the accomplishments that have surpassed his expectation. He continued that he and his company will develop various products using cheese that customers can safely consume with full confidence and will expand the business.

Min Shim, Governor of the province, has said that he is very proud sausages made of local produces such as Imsil N Cheese swept gold medals and gained recognition as the best quality product in a traditional and prestigious international expo. He also emphasized that he would not hesitate to support actively for the promotion and sales of various Imsil N Cheese products, a birth place of Korean cheese, in a global market.

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