Fitness guru Chris aka Dream offering online training in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic

Chris aka Dream has started online fitness training sessions to help clients carry on with their fitness routine and diet from the safety of home amid the COVId-19 pandemic.

July 04, 2020 – News for those struggling with their fitness goals given the current COVID-19 social distancing norms. Star fitness expert Chris aka Dream has recently launched his online training sessions so that athletes and bodybuilders don’t have to compromise on their fitness regime even when they can’t hit the gym. The online training session is available 24/7 and Chris is flexible to attend all related queries and consultation via call and email. 

“We are passing through a testing phase of late and complete social distancing is of absolute importance to keep ourselves protected from the COVID-19 transmission. In fact, with COVID-19 cases surging at a staggering rate, we should be even stricter with social distancing now more than ever. And that certainly means you can’t hit the gym for your regular fitness sessions. But again, that doesn’t imply your fitness routine will have to go for a toss just because you are not being able to reach your gym physically. This is where my online training sessions come to help”, stated Chris aka Dream.

The certified power-building personal trainer has specifically started the online fitness training sessions to address the problem of lack of fitness training due to COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing regulations. In the light of the current situation, Dream’s online training session especially focuses on simple workouts that will not only up the fitness game- but would also be easy to practice at home.

“My online training comprises of simple workouts that you can practice from the comfort of your own home only. You will also receive consultation on the most appropriate diet plan to keep your fitness regime up and running. In fact, my online daily workout plan and meal plan  are available in one highly affordable package and is well within your budget. Besides, as you will have access to my online workout program 24/7, you can follow my training just as per your own pace.”

Dream is driven by the vision to create a steady plan which his clients will be able to follow conveniently even after they conclude the session. He aims to help clients build up a better body and attain improved mobility through various strategic workouts and supplemental intakes. 

“It’s a busy world today where we hardly have time to rest and relax. A rigorous lifestyle takes a toll on our body, often leading us inflamed joints and body ache. But, the good thing is you can get rid of all these painful woes naturally if you follow certain exercises. My online training will show all those workouts which will help you to beat such painful situations and also prevent them in future.”

The online training session also carries a complete money back guarantee.

About Chris aka Dream

Christopher Dorn, popularly known as Chris aka Dream, is a certified and highly regarded fitness trainer, weightlifter and bodybuilder. He was a footballer too in his college days and played at Arena Football and National Football League. It’s his football teammates who have lovingly named him “Dream” in the honor of his outstanding agility both off and on the field. The celebrity fitness trainer believes in holistic fitness regime which focuses on not only physical fitness by psychological fitness as well.

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